I began Lexiealexandra (formerly ohpinkcandyfloss) in the summer of 2012 at the age of thirteen and since, it has become somewhat of an extension of my personality. I began with the intention of curating moodboards, vocalising my opinion on fashion trends and highlighting my style. However as with age, my blog has grown with me allowing me to comment on topics and issues dear to my heart, as opposed to being limited to fashion content. This is undeniably the longest hobby I've kept up and something I am proud of; allowing my blog to become somewhat of a journal of my past and present creative endeavours.
My name is Lexie, and I am an eighteen year old student from the UK. Having recently finished my A-levels; I'm currently studying an art foundation course. I am an art and photography enthusiast with a particular love for Alexa Chung and French fashion. The versatility of my blog has allowed me many opportunities to create for varying zines and online publications such as Heartbreak Nation Zine and Plasma Dolphin,
I hope you can join me on this journey,
love lexie x

I'm a PR friendly blogger and I enjoy working with Brands and Bloggers who share a similar likeness to my blog.  As of September 2017 I have 93,379 pageviews, 740 followers on Bloglovin and a 800 followers on Instagram. 

If you have a proposition, wanna chat etc, Email me here.

All photos have been taken by either me or a friend. If you wish to use them, let me know and credit me. Photos used in inspiration posts have been found using either Tumblr and Pinterest. It is often hard to locate the source of the images on these sites, so if I have used your image and you would like it removed or credited, let me know.

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