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It's been a while but I wanted to ease back in with a little interiors post. As I'm back home, I've been lusting after having my own space ~just gen z things ~ Pinterest has really become a bit of a problem for me. I seem to spend hours on it?

At the moment there's a big trend for pastel colours, cow print and clouds in interiors. I've seen those foam mirrors everywhere.

Unlike fashion, interior design moves a lot slower. It feels like what is in trend generally lasts longer. Grey is 'in' and it's been 'in' for YEARS. I suppose in contrast to buying clothes, redecorating a whole space seasonally is expensive; we can't really afford to do that. TikTok has a crazy amount of influence right now with microtrends popping up everywheree. I will be interested to see how retailers interpret these trends in the coming months. 

To avoid the ramble, all I hope is that we maintain this slower pace in interior design. For now I'll be dreaming of white walls, big windows and parquet flooring. 

Lexie x 

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