the end of October

Amy and I after cocktails taking macbook photobooth pics on the beach. 

A lot has happened since my last blog post and those blissful days of holiday and post-holiday quarantine. I'm back home for good (for now.) It's strange because I was so looking forward to moving out but things didn't align. 

I want to start again, to talk about my plans. Uni is weird. It consists of long days staring at a screen; it all feels really surreal. I can see why imposter syndrome is such a buzz word atm. I don't have a desk either which is annoying, and I find myself more conscious of my back than I've ever been, is this what getting old is like? 

I'm guess I'm riding the waves as they come, it feels strange like a reversion into my 16 year old self; I don't have to worry about money, food or paying bills. It's a blessing and I'm grateful, but sometimes I just want to eat a bagel for every meal and have a drink at 5 in the afternoon without being questioned. But I do love my family. 

I fell into a bit of a pit, I'm climbing out now though. I want to talk about what I've done in the time I've been absent on here but honestly, nothing comes to mind except my newfound adoration for crochet (I'll do another post about this.)

It's been hard and 2020 has thrown a lot at all of us, but look we're making it out. I'll be back to posting again as autumn and winter roll in. I hope you are all ok in this transitional time,

all the best 

lexie x 


  1. I cannot believe how fast this month went!

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  2. Such a mood! Was so lovely seeing u today!! Xx

    1. It was so lovely to finally meet you too!! xx


thank you x