I'm back to webcam selfies like before, let's be honest I couldn't keep up the photos. Quarantine isn't that interesting. Here's me with a gin and tonic. I saw a BBC article about a man who became an alcoholic over lockdown and I worry slightly about the amount I drink, but I think one is ok? 

This is also a playlist I'm adding to and listening to. I've been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson recently but I'm not sure if it fits the vibe of this playlist lol. 


  1. Oh no, I hope you get the sink issue fixed! Hope you stay safe!


  2. I really like this kind of posts :))

  3. Reading this somehow made me smile, Lexie. Especially the sink part because I also am guilty of blocking off the sink once in a while when I cook :P I love how you're writing down your days in a journal, I think I have not done that in a long time and seeing this drives me to try. Your playlist is really laid back, currently in my background as I type! Will follow you on Spotify ;)

    I hope you'll continue to have a safe, restful, creative, and peaceful quarantine. Happy September!

    Hanna / Heydays With Hanna

  4. that playlist is *chef's kiss*

  5. lovely lovely lovely, as always. I'm very much enjoying these little updates, and your lentil dahl sounds gorgeous. I've had similar thoughts re alcohol consumption, but really I just love the pub – i'd love to have a g&t together one day <3

  6. Your diary writing is much more organised than mine! I love being able to read diary entries like this, so thank you so much for sharing! Also, I listened to the snippets of your Spotify playlist and love it, and will be saving it to mine later today (I'm logged in on my phone but not my macbook and I can't remember my password!). I definitely think that Jack Johnson would fit in there :)


thank you x