I'm back to webcam selfies like before, let's be honest I couldn't keep up the photos. Quarantine isn't that interesting. Here's me with a gin and tonic. I saw a BBC article about a man who became an alcoholic over lockdown and I worry slightly about the amount I drink, but I think one is ok? 

This is also a playlist I'm adding to and listening to. I've been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson recently but I'm not sure if it fits the vibe of this playlist lol. 


reminiscing on the hotter weather earlier this  month and beach evenings, scribbling away this morning.
homemade granola excited to try this tomorrow, 


Like that after our one week holiday in France , Archie and I enter our 2 week quarantine. It feels slightly less strange this time after the months of social isolation we all experienced. It's our 2nd day of quarantine, it's a Sunday and we're waiting for an ASDA delivery. i thought I would revive the quarantine diaries once more because as the world tries to go back to normal, my world has shrunk once more to the four walls of Archies aunt and uncles house*
*They're staying in France so we're staying at their house. V Grateful. 
Whilst I feel a bit weird watching everyone out and about on Instagram, I am excited about spending this time quietly. I've got a few ideas but like before, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. What I do achieve I will share. On that note, here are some holiday snaps, I'm also going to start a new Instagram for this project and blog after discussions with Eleanor when we met recently. 
Stay safe,
lexie x