I've been thinking a lot recently about fast fashion and consumer culture. Eleanor posted something really interesting on Instagram the other day discussing consumerism and mental health. The post had me reflecting on my own relationship with clothes and shopping, and ultimately what I end up buying. 
Lockdown was a bit strange and at the beginning, like many I saw a spike in my own shopping habits. I found comfort from the global uncertainty in the parcels that arrived at the door.
 It's no doubt I love clothes and how they make me feel, but my parents started noticing and I'm pretty sure even the postie picked up on it.
I've been on a journey with fashion, switching to a more ethical way of consumption which I find allows me to justify my enormous number of depop purchases. And whatever I sell makes way for more clothes. Whilst this mindset is arguably much better than just mindlessly buying, I notice my relationship with clothes becomes much less personal and more cyclical. 

I watched the below video by youtuber A Small Wardrobe and a few words she said really resonated with me.

There is always something you're going to want. That's ok, that's normal. And those fast fashion brands know that. The likes on my ASOS and Depop account sit there like a check list of all the things I want to buy. I sometimes sit and think, if I have everything on my list I can stop looking for other things and I'll be happy. 
But it doesn't work like that. I'm never going to achieve all those things and think, "I never have to shop again." Trends change, your mood changes and hell sometimes shopping is compulsive. 
I find this mindset relatable. I remember about two years ago, I was working in a bar at weekends. It was a cash in hand weekly pay job, and with the money I earned I would save half and spend the rest on clothes. I would buy something every week. Every week. I would think of it as a reward for working Friday nights rather than being out. I reflect on that now, and I see my point. I would have saved money not going out, but still was it really necessary to be buying something every week? I could be slightly better off now had I not made those 'reward' purchases. 
In this age of conspicuous consumption and fast fashion, it is important to look at the way in which we spend. We are all becoming much more aware of how we spend, and financial transparency online is making that easier for everyone.
On that note, I'm going to try and journal my feelings about clothes to be a little bit more aware of my own shopping habits and when I turn to depop.

Did you notice your shopping habits change in lockdown? 
lexie x