black lives matter

arch and i on bbc south today. 3 seconds of fame

I thought I had scheduled this to come out yesterday, but it didn't:// incase of any confusion at the end x

Hello blogging world once again.
These times have been SO emotional and so intense in many ways. I've been trying to see the best in people, but something about social media doesn't sit right with me as I've discussed before. My love hate relationship with Instagram continues. I don't know, it all just feels so image and trend based. (Lol at saying an app that you upload pictures to is *too* image based.) What is the bridge between creativity and commericality? When did these very lines become so blurred? 
Anyway I digress, I'm done with my own shaming other peoples activism thing. I've been reading my journal over the week and all my angst has been focused towards what other people are doing or what they're not doing. Anger at influencers and anger at people. Getting angry at the wrong damn thing?? Or maybe I am right to be angry at this?? I don't know.
This isn't a trend.

Yesterday my friends and I went to the Black Lives Matter peaceful march in my town and wow it was amazing. 1300 people showed up and marched in solidarity, people of all ages.
And let me say for context; my town has a 98.4% white population. 
98.4%. That shits mad. 
There were a number of speakers. They talked about what we should be doing more of as white people. As well as discussions of experiences of racial discrimination. Discussions of Grenfell. Discussions of politics. Discussions about the disproportionate death rates in black mothers during childbirth and pregnancy. Why are black women 5x more likely to die? Why is that a statistic?? 

They spoke of changes that will be implemented into our town to encourage diversity and inclusivity. 
Last week, a letter went out to my school, asking to decolonise the curriculum. It's got over 700 signatures.
It's not enough. But it is SO positive to see this ripple effect within the town I live. I've always wanted to get as far away as I can from my town (still kinda do, sorry mum.) Seeing the turn out yesterday did make me proud.

On our way home we saw a bunch of yobbos standing outside the war memorial in the town;  'protecting' the WW1/WW2 war memorial. Which had. nothing. to. do. with. the. PEACEFUL. march.
Are u dumb. 

With all going on, ultimately we must seek to fight systemic racism within ourselves and our own communities. To challenge our learnings and to seek change. It all starts with education. 
This is a great resource for anyone looking for places to donate to, petitions to sign and ways to help.
Sign those petitions. Email your local MP'S. Be vocal. Don't stop. 

I also want to share some positive/ happy things and memes at the moment, because things are happening. And also I followed this account called Good News Movement on Instagram and that really makes me happy.
This is an article of some of the things that have happened so far thanks to all the protests and this movement.

It has been three years since Grenfell today. Writing this on the anniversary of Grenfell acts as a reminder that we must seek justice. That those who passed will be remembered and those to blame need to be held accountable.

On that note, I send my love to you. May you stay safe in this revolution. xx


  1. So much respect that you protested! I also just discovered your blog and love it so much!
    Love, Eva


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