what I've been

Happy Sunday folks! Sorry for completely disappearing.. I literally just submitted my last deadline and it was pretty all consuming, so I'm officially finished with first year! A little anticlimactic but alas. 
I thought I would just do a little check in post with a what I've been post. Also sorry about the changing blog themes! I'm exploring a lil bit. Also the new blogger layout is confusing me. 

what i've been doing-
I've been cracking on with my final visual promotion project which involved a lot of work. In between this, I've been trying to do Joe Wicks with my brother every morning.
I've also been learning to crochet! We had some lovely news in all this chaos that my brother and his girlfriend are expecting twins in September. They will be the first grand-children so my mum is very excited, as are the rest of us. We've been knitting hats, but I was super inspired by watching Eleanor's crochet develop on Instagram so wanted to try my luck. I'm still getting to grips with it but I'm hoping to make some cute little pieces for them. 

what i've been reading/watching-
I've been reading The Flatshare, I had to put reading on hold for a bit because of the project but I can't wait to get fully into it again now I'm finished. 
I read this article by Laura Barton: I flew to Greece and began solo IVF. Then the world shut down. Beautifully written and gnawed at my heart. 
This article by Tate Gronow really got me thinking about Instagram and my relationship with social media. I think Instagram is something I really struggle with. I'm constantly in two minds about what I want to share, do I want to look like I care about Instagram, what is my personal brand? The coolest people I know irl are always the ones that post sporadically or don't even use Instagram. That's the kind of personal brand I wish I would have. 
I've been watching Toy Boy on Netflix which is amazing, I haven't seen elite but apparently lots of the cast are the same. I've also just started OuterBanks so well see how that goes. 

what i've been listening to-
I've been obsessed with Iceland's Eurovision 2020 Song (thanks Tiktok.) 
I've also been loving Grimes, I haven't listened to her music in ages but used to love her. Maybe it was the news of her and Elon Musk's baby that triggered it lol.
Podcast wise, I've been listening to the High Low again ofc, always obsessed with their recommendations and chats. 

what i want-
I don't need anything currently, nor do I want anything. I found a lovely straw hat on depop which I am very tempted to buy as a treat for finishing first year, so I can live my Jane Birkin dreams. 

stay safe


  1. beaut post as per ! <3 i listened to an episode of 'the receipts' podcast while doing my hair and honestly it was the first time I was able to actually sit thru a podcast...need to start doing it more during this period !!

    Zoe xo

    1. <33 ooh I'm gonna have to listen to the receipts! It keeps coming up on my twitter, I'll have to look later! xx

  2. omg i've been reading Flatshare, what are u thinking?? I'm kind of loving it, even though its a bizarre concept! Congrats on handing in your final project and oh my! how exciting about the baby!! some light in all of this! Haha, still obsessed with the High Low – I feel like I need to discover something new??! lots of love x

    1. No way! Yes its such a weird concept but I'm enjoying it, so easy to read too! Thank you Katie! Me too, I'm gonna listen to Zoe's suggestion above later! Lots of love x x

  3. Please show us some pieces you've crocheted, I think thats sooo cool. Also congratulations on completing first year, that must feel so liberating and I'm so so so proud n happy for you!! ps. definitely buy that cute hat from depop and treat yo self because you deserve it hehe

    1. I defo will once I finish something ahah! Thank you so much, hope you're doing well too! I just brought it oops, will share when it arrives ahaha xx

  4. Congratulations on wrapping up your first year, Lexie! I know it's the most unconventional way of finishing your term but it's still great to be able to finish requirements in the midst of this mayhem. That's still a fete!

    Thanks for sharing the article by Tate Gronow, I can very much relate to you. It is hard to draw the line between how much you want to share and what your really want to put out there, sometimes unknowingly, social media does indeed take over the way we behave and even mold our days. It's great to be conscious :)

    The coolest people I know irl are always the ones that post sporadically or don't even use Instagram. That's the kind of personal brand I wish I would have. -- I am with you on this!

    I hope you are well, have a good rest and time off school requirements!

    Hanna / Heydays With Hanna


thank you x