I've finished uni and I genuinely do not know what to do with myself. I feel somewhat obliged to post on here written thoughts, what I've been up to, exciting posts etc. But I haven't been up to a lot, besides getting to the bottom of crochet and ordering wool. I went on a picnic on Sunday which was lovely. Made me feel v lucky about where I live so here are the photos from that day. 
Other than that, I'm bored. I can't remember the last time I said that? It's quite a nice feeling, but I feel like I just wait around for the next meal. I'm thinking of getting a job fruit picking to top me up a bit over the next few months. It's also my birthday on the sixth so I'm looking forward to that. 
But hey, here's to boredom and a very boring post.
Stay safe x 


  1. oh I love your attitude to boredom, I find being bored stressful but I love what you wrote – "I feel like i just wait around for the next meal", totally! Fruit picking sounds idyllic (even though I know its not the 1930s dream it is in my head lol) – hope your birthday is good xx

  2. Welll doooone on finishing first year!!! The picnic looks lovely <3

    dalal xxx

  3. I adore this post! Simple yet right to the point of it all. The photos are beyond cute.

  4. just been reading through all your latest quarantine posts, love reading it all xx

  5. loved the aesthetic of the pictures, and already a happy birthday!!

  6. Hey Lexie! Thank you for this post. I really think that the pressure of posting 'engaging' content for people like us do happen, especially in times like what we are in now. So reading this is so refreshing and encouraging in a sense; it reminds us of the mere essence of blogging: blurting out our thoughts and feelings without having to feel the sense of pleasing a specific side or group of people.

    Also, you are not alone! I feel some sense of boredom as well every once in a while, or should i say burnout? Nevertheless, I wish that you enjoy your time off school. I know that you'll definitely miss your lull time when the paperworks and readings come in again ;)

    Lovely photos, I somehow felt like I was there for a picnic too!

    Hanna /Heydays With Hanna

  7. Love your photos!
    The picnic looks lovely, nice sunny weather, so perfect!

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thank you x