the quaratine diaries #6/7/8

I've been feeling very lethargic recently. Perhaps it's because I've been doing proportionately more exercise than my body is used to and I hurt 10x more for it. Still undecided about whether I actually like running or not, but I assume that comes with practise?
This weather is beautiful, I've spent hours laying on a yoga matt in the garden listening to a playlist of songs that take me back to Vietnam, and falling asleep. I've been baking a lot too (like everyone else), making peanut butter cookies and banana bread. After I make something, I always imagine what Paul Hollywood's reaction would be; "a bit dry but the flavour holds well." think I'm losing it.
The past few days have blurred into one, I can't differentiate to be honest. Every morning I get a depressing reminder of where I was last year on google photos which genuinely breaks me a bit. The hopes of another trip will push me through. Happy Thursday all xo


  1. I've been reading (and thoroughly enjoying) your quarantine diaries- the Paul Hollywood comment has absolutely sent me hahaha. I've consumed so much banana bread it's getting a bit ridiculous...the peanut butter cookies sound fab though!

    hope you're doing well (nd looking forward to more of the diaries) x

  2. really wish i could say i was doing more exercise than usual lol, but I definitely am feeling lethargic!!! I carry on seeing tweets that talking about how everyone is making banana bread and it is so true??
    Your hours lying in the sun sound peaceful but nostalgic, kind of what this crazy period should be I guess??
    lots of love xxx

  3. The sound of peanut butter cookies sound divine but the sound of what Paul Hollywood is saying in response is just golden ahah. I have had to temporarily put banana bread baking on pause as we couldn't find any flour in the shop :( I'm not sure if I am getting fitter with the exercise but I can now do a proper press up so... maybe? xx



thank you x