the quarantine diaries #9

hope they dont mind this lol

"this weekend was spent drinking lots and eating chocolate in the garden. It was so good feeling the sun warming through me, in the evenings I ended up on Zoom pub quizzes with friends. I've realised I'm bad at quizzes, mum told me not to worry- "its a family thing, no ones good." I rediscovered my first digital camera too and in retrospect I now love the low-fi quality; who would have thought?" 

My old digital camera is the one I got in 2012, or maybe it was the Christmas of 2011? I started my blog with it and took it to the olympics. It was so simple, I would go to school and come home so in my mind I had nothing exciting to document. I would take photos in my room of my things; documenting that time in between childhood and teenage-ness. I was so desperate for the next thing, after I got that camera I wanted a DSLR. But, I really enjoy the simplicity of my first sony. Its the little things that count. 


  1. ahh man, its crazy how we used to always wish for the next big thing and then you hit a point where newness and experiences are coming at you way too fast. I'm also really bad at quizzes (as is my family), I've always wished to be that person who was full of random and useless facts yet enjoyable to all who heard them, but no matter how much I try to force it I cant remember anything for shit and am way too scatty to remember a fact properly. hope you n your loved ones are doing well!x


thank you x