the quarantine diaries #4

A year ago today, I was on a plane to Kuala Lumpur. Straight off our 13 hour flight, we boarded a rickety bus, it had no air con and the curtains were a sort of pale green lined with yellow lace. Molly and I hardly spoke to each other; we were struck by the unknown. Clambering off that bus, lost and afraid, a stranger approached us and walked us to our hostel, carrying our bags. This stranger was so kind, unquestionably so. It was like a moment of peace in chaos. We never saw him again, but I won't forget his kindness.

Today has been brighter. I had a lie in, a warm pain au chocolat for breakfast and a black coffee. I think sometimes when your mind thinks too much, it overwhelms the actual task at hand and everything seems much more daunting. So I let myself not think today, and I just worked and pondered the situation. Currently it feels like I plan my days around when I eat. It gets to about 5 o'clock and then I'm ready for a glass of wine. I can't be the only one drinking as much as I am?
So cheers to thursday, good memories and the stranger in Kuala Lumpur.


thank you x