the quarantine diaries #3

Days have been weird. It's like they go so slowly then suddenly all at once; I can't work out if I quite believe it's Wednesday already- has it gone fast or slow? Today's been a little rough. I came on my period unexpectedly and it really set a precedent for the day. I spent most of the day in bed wallowing in pain with cramps- trying to do work but unable to: thank you mother nature and the slightly dodgy internet connection. My internship over summer was also cancelled (I'm onto next years though gratefully) and I'm all outta buck. So ultimately, times have been better. I've sort of allowed myself excuses to be lazy today, emotionally and physically and now I'm feeling a little strange for it? I never normally let myself relax this much: so maybe it takes some adjustment. I'm going to watch Mary Poppins on Disney now, have a good evening all x


  1. Libby and I spent the whole day messaging about this exact feeling. That days feel interminably slow but also so quick, and its 11pm and I havent done half the things I wanted to...yikes. God, a period just really is NOT what you want right now, sending you lots of love. I'm really vibing with this quarantine diaries by the way please keep them coming <33

    1. isn't it so weird? Again today it's already thursday!! madness. Glad you're good Katie lots of love xo


thank you x