beautiful bondi

I kinda flopped with the diaries, I mean I last posted last week but the regularity has slowed. I guess the past two weeks were a bit intense and weird.  I read Katies post on (un)misspent youth and resonated with it a lot. The feeling of missing out on freedoms before entering 'real' adulthood.
This week involved me stressing over work and how much I should be doing, calculating what's expected of me?

I've found a bit of a love for running. Getting up first thing or breaking mid-afternoon and moving suddenly feels less like a chore and more of a necessary. I'm much more appreciative of my body and its capabilities. Likewise when I don't run, I've been wandering through town and observing the empty streets. It's apocalyptic but I kinda like the quietness? There's something in the stillness.

I guess the shock of what's happening is subsiding (as much as it can) and the reality is sinking in; I seem to have found a coping mechanism in watching reality TV (let me tell you that world is new to me, and I don't wanna sound like a snob.) I binged Too Hot To Handle in a few days and I felt strangely empty afterwards. Besides that I've been loving Bondi Rescue, I can't believe I didn't watch it before I went to Bondi, the pressure and work involved has given me a new sense of respect for these lifeguards. It often makes me feel I should reconsider the creative pathway I'm headed towards; doing something really good.

So I guess this week was a bit of a foggy one, I need to align myself with my priorities and withdraw myself from Instagram a bit. I deleted both Twitter and Facebook off my phone a while ago so I seem to be channeling this new time onto instagram. And Depop? Regardless, socials seem to rule my lyfeee. Any tips?

Happy sunday and happy quarantine x 
hope they dont mind this lol

I've been feeling very lethargic recently. Perhaps it's because I've been doing proportionately more exercise than my body is used to and I hurt 10x more for it. Still undecided about whether I actually like running or not, but I assume that comes with practise?
This weather is beautiful, I've spent hours laying on a yoga matt in the garden listening to a playlist of songs that take me back to Vietnam, and falling asleep. I've been baking a lot too (like everyone else), making peanut butter cookies and banana bread. After I make something, I always imagine what Paul Hollywood's reaction would be; "a bit dry but the flavour holds well." think I'm losing it.
The past few days have blurred into one, I can't differentiate to be honest. Every morning I get a depressing reminder of where I was last year on google photos which genuinely breaks me a bit. The hopes of another trip will push me through. Happy Thursday all xo

Must admit I abandoned Fridays post. I was a bit hungover and it was 'officially' my last day of uni for this term. What a strange one at that. Today's been not the slightest bit interesting. I've been working on an essay all day about Grace Coddington which although interesting, is starting to wear me down a little bit. I'm feeling motivated to complete my work though for once so I can focus on other things, lets see how long that lasts.
The coolest thing happened yesterday on my daily walk. I had set out after finishing my book, 'Fashionopolis,' (a great book on the future of the fashion industry for anyone interested) I had told my mum at the start of our walk that I was desperate to read 'The Flatshare,' I was going to order it once I got home. Right near my house, by a railway crossing there is an old telephone box. Members of the local community set up a kind of swap-shop/ library in it but I've never looked before. For some reason I decided to look and the first thing I saw in my eyeline was the book, The Flatshare. It literally felt like a sign from the universe. Perhaps a sign from the universe not to buy from Amazon? Sorry not sorry Jeff Bezo's.

A year ago today, I was on a plane to Kuala Lumpur. Straight off our 13 hour flight, we boarded a rickety bus, it had no air con and the curtains were a sort of pale green lined with yellow lace. Molly and I hardly spoke to each other; we were struck by the unknown. Clambering off that bus, lost and afraid, a stranger approached us and walked us to our hostel, carrying our bags. This stranger was so kind, unquestionably so. It was like a moment of peace in chaos. We never saw him again, but I won't forget his kindness.

Today has been brighter. I had a lie in, a warm pain au chocolat for breakfast and a black coffee. I think sometimes when your mind thinks too much, it overwhelms the actual task at hand and everything seems much more daunting. So I let myself not think today, and I just worked and pondered the situation. Currently it feels like I plan my days around when I eat. It gets to about 5 o'clock and then I'm ready for a glass of wine. I can't be the only one drinking as much as I am?
So cheers to thursday, good memories and the stranger in Kuala Lumpur.