the quarantine diaries #2

Today I had an email from my uni accomodation saying I have the option of terminating my contract early. I think the permanency of this situation has finally hit me like a brick.
I love my uni home. I love the street and all the big billowing houses that are cut up into tiny flats with multiple floors and jigsaw floor plans. I love the way the light hits my window in the mornings and how I can move in my room. I even love our neighbours who cook naked opposite, always in view from the dinner table (never thought I'd say that.)
So it makes me sad that I couldn't carry on those memories for a little bit longer. That I couldn't cook in that tiny kitchen for just one more meal, even though I hate it. Part of me wants to eek the tenancy out just that little bit longer, in hopes that I'll be back for the summer! Going for runs down Hove beach and drinking red wine with the big sash windows open. It all just feels a bit abrupt. I can relish the memories in that house for a little longer though, and I know it's my friends that made that house so special. Even better that I'll be with them all next year.

PS thanks for the comments on yesterday's post. Love you guys!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the tenancy, a lot of my friends have had the option to terminate theirs as well which, like you said, hits home the permanency of situation. I guess it will make returning in September all that more wonderful.


    1. Yes it's a strange thing! A great thing because our rooms are going to NHS staff but sad too! Sending love xx

  2. Ah just saw the comment above - it's so great that the rooms are going to NHS staff! But that would really upset me, I've left all my stuff in my room in my uni house and am just hoping I can get a couple more weeks in there. Hope things r going smoothly still! x

    1. Yes so good isn't it, but so sad to say bye:( ahh my fingers are crossed for you too! I'm sure you will!! xo


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