I can't start the year with a goal to post once a month and fail at the first hurdle? It's already the 9th and I'm only just sitting down to write this post but shit it's been a mad month. Can't say I'm sad to see you go February.
That sounds so sad because I said the same thing about January. But honestly, a lot of lows recently? And I'm finding it hard to pin-point what exactly it is that's making me feel shit. I think it's got something to do with the rain and the cold, my motivation has never hit so low before, and my phone screen time has never been so high!! Instagram I need to delete you.

-Seeing Archie in Lancaster, eating nice breakfasts and drinking too much
-Learning the basics to photoshop, illustrator and indesign. Making a flipping zine for my uni project and loving making it (most of the time)
-A dinner party with great friends
-Ricarda, my friend I met travelling in New Zealand coming over to stay with me for a few days.
-Catch ups in London with other travel friends and planning a potential trip.
-afternoon tea and cake in Knightsbridge
-lots of krispy kreme
-A trip to Twickenham to stay with a friend and catching up with my girlfriends. Getting day drunk in Richmond on the tastiest cocktails in revs.
-Tash visiting and getting day drunk (again)

-project breakdowns
-days of loneliness and some kinda sadness
-missing Lewis Capaldi doing a secret set at Seven Dials Market in London because we were hungry (basic bitch)
-losing my yoga gains out of laziness
-spending hours on instagram, feeling shit as a result
-money stresses because I spent too much on food and alcohol

-Krispy Kreme donuts (the Reece's Pieces one is insane)
-Honest Burgers
-Lentil Dahl
-Black Coffee
-banana bread
Tom Misch, Haim, Tame Impalas new album

I finished The Girl who saved the King of Sweden and I'm now onto Fashionopolis

My new white denim jacket and blue cord flares

-Love is Blind, I actually can't get over the show its mad in the best way possible
-Jojo Rabbit- amazing
-Friends, its always a good background watch for me when I'm doing art
-rewatching and watching a lot of Amy's videos!

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