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It's been a while but I wanted to ease back in with a little interiors post. As I'm back home, I've been lusting after having my own space ~just gen z things ~ Pinterest has really become a bit of a problem for me. I seem to spend hours on it?

At the moment there's a big trend for pastel colours, cow print and clouds in interiors. I've seen those foam mirrors everywhere.

Unlike fashion, interior design moves a lot slower. It feels like what is in trend generally lasts longer. Grey is 'in' and it's been 'in' for YEARS. I suppose in contrast to buying clothes, redecorating a whole space seasonally is expensive; we can't really afford to do that. TikTok has a crazy amount of influence right now with microtrends popping up everywheree. I will be interested to see how retailers interpret these trends in the coming months. 

To avoid the ramble, all I hope is that we maintain this slower pace in interior design. For now I'll be dreaming of white walls, big windows and parquet flooring. 

Lexie x 

Amy and I after cocktails taking macbook photobooth pics on the beach. 

A lot has happened since my last blog post and those blissful days of holiday and post-holiday quarantine. I'm back home for good (for now.) It's strange because I was so looking forward to moving out but things didn't align. 

I want to start again, to talk about my plans. Uni is weird. It consists of long days staring at a screen; it all feels really surreal. I can see why imposter syndrome is such a buzz word atm. I don't have a desk either which is annoying, and I find myself more conscious of my back than I've ever been, is this what getting old is like? 

I'm guess I'm riding the waves as they come, it feels strange like a reversion into my 16 year old self; I don't have to worry about money, food or paying bills. It's a blessing and I'm grateful, but sometimes I just want to eat a bagel for every meal and have a drink at 5 in the afternoon without being questioned. But I do love my family. 

I fell into a bit of a pit, I'm climbing out now though. I want to talk about what I've done in the time I've been absent on here but honestly, nothing comes to mind except my newfound adoration for crochet (I'll do another post about this.)

It's been hard and 2020 has thrown a lot at all of us, but look we're making it out. I'll be back to posting again as autumn and winter roll in. I hope you are all ok in this transitional time,

all the best 

lexie x 


I'm back to webcam selfies like before, let's be honest I couldn't keep up the photos. Quarantine isn't that interesting. Here's me with a gin and tonic. I saw a BBC article about a man who became an alcoholic over lockdown and I worry slightly about the amount I drink, but I think one is ok? 

This is also a playlist I'm adding to and listening to. I've been listening to a lot of Jack Johnson recently but I'm not sure if it fits the vibe of this playlist lol. 


reminiscing on the hotter weather earlier this  month and beach evenings, scribbling away this morning.
homemade granola excited to try this tomorrow, 


Like that after our one week holiday in France , Archie and I enter our 2 week quarantine. It feels slightly less strange this time after the months of social isolation we all experienced. It's our 2nd day of quarantine, it's a Sunday and we're waiting for an ASDA delivery. i thought I would revive the quarantine diaries once more because as the world tries to go back to normal, my world has shrunk once more to the four walls of Archies aunt and uncles house*
*They're staying in France so we're staying at their house. V Grateful. 
Whilst I feel a bit weird watching everyone out and about on Instagram, I am excited about spending this time quietly. I've got a few ideas but like before, I don't want to put too much pressure on myself. What I do achieve I will share. On that note, here are some holiday snaps, I'm also going to start a new Instagram for this project and blog after discussions with Eleanor when we met recently. 
Stay safe,
lexie x 

I've been thinking a lot recently about fast fashion and consumer culture. Eleanor posted something really interesting on Instagram the other day discussing consumerism and mental health. The post had me reflecting on my own relationship with clothes and shopping, and ultimately what I end up buying. 
Lockdown was a bit strange and at the beginning, like many I saw a spike in my own shopping habits. I found comfort from the global uncertainty in the parcels that arrived at the door.
 It's no doubt I love clothes and how they make me feel, but my parents started noticing and I'm pretty sure even the postie picked up on it.
I've been on a journey with fashion, switching to a more ethical way of consumption which I find allows me to justify my enormous number of depop purchases. And whatever I sell makes way for more clothes. Whilst this mindset is arguably much better than just mindlessly buying, I notice my relationship with clothes becomes much less personal and more cyclical. 

I watched the below video by youtuber A Small Wardrobe and a few words she said really resonated with me.

There is always something you're going to want. That's ok, that's normal. And those fast fashion brands know that. The likes on my ASOS and Depop account sit there like a check list of all the things I want to buy. I sometimes sit and think, if I have everything on my list I can stop looking for other things and I'll be happy. 
But it doesn't work like that. I'm never going to achieve all those things and think, "I never have to shop again." Trends change, your mood changes and hell sometimes shopping is compulsive. 
I find this mindset relatable. I remember about two years ago, I was working in a bar at weekends. It was a cash in hand weekly pay job, and with the money I earned I would save half and spend the rest on clothes. I would buy something every week. Every week. I would think of it as a reward for working Friday nights rather than being out. I reflect on that now, and I see my point. I would have saved money not going out, but still was it really necessary to be buying something every week? I could be slightly better off now had I not made those 'reward' purchases. 
In this age of conspicuous consumption and fast fashion, it is important to look at the way in which we spend. We are all becoming much more aware of how we spend, and financial transparency online is making that easier for everyone.
On that note, I'm going to try and journal my feelings about clothes to be a little bit more aware of my own shopping habits and when I turn to depop.

Did you notice your shopping habits change in lockdown? 
lexie x 

arch and i on bbc south today. 3 seconds of fame

Whilst I'm very much enjoying the sun from my own back garden, I'm still coming to terms with the fact that I'm not going to be travelling anyway anytime soon. What a luxury to have that as a problem? I've been furiously pinning photos of holidays and alfresco dining- imaging being in France or Spain or somewhere a few degrees warmer. Here are a few of my favourites. The vibe seems to be slow mornings, gold jewellery, blue jeans and covering your face with a film camera. 

beautiful bondi

I kinda flopped with the diaries, I mean I last posted last week but the regularity has slowed. I guess the past two weeks were a bit intense and weird.  I read Katies post on (un)misspent youth and resonated with it a lot. The feeling of missing out on freedoms before entering 'real' adulthood.
This week involved me stressing over work and how much I should be doing, calculating what's expected of me?

I've found a bit of a love for running. Getting up first thing or breaking mid-afternoon and moving suddenly feels less like a chore and more of a necessary. I'm much more appreciative of my body and its capabilities. Likewise when I don't run, I've been wandering through town and observing the empty streets. It's apocalyptic but I kinda like the quietness? There's something in the stillness.

I guess the shock of what's happening is subsiding (as much as it can) and the reality is sinking in; I seem to have found a coping mechanism in watching reality TV (let me tell you that world is new to me, and I don't wanna sound like a snob.) I binged Too Hot To Handle in a few days and I felt strangely empty afterwards. Besides that I've been loving Bondi Rescue, I can't believe I didn't watch it before I went to Bondi, the pressure and work involved has given me a new sense of respect for these lifeguards. It often makes me feel I should reconsider the creative pathway I'm headed towards; doing something really good.

So I guess this week was a bit of a foggy one, I need to align myself with my priorities and withdraw myself from Instagram a bit. I deleted both Twitter and Facebook off my phone a while ago so I seem to be channeling this new time onto instagram. And Depop? Regardless, socials seem to rule my lyfeee. Any tips?

Happy sunday and happy quarantine x 
hope they dont mind this lol

I've been feeling very lethargic recently. Perhaps it's because I've been doing proportionately more exercise than my body is used to and I hurt 10x more for it. Still undecided about whether I actually like running or not, but I assume that comes with practise?
This weather is beautiful, I've spent hours laying on a yoga matt in the garden listening to a playlist of songs that take me back to Vietnam, and falling asleep. I've been baking a lot too (like everyone else), making peanut butter cookies and banana bread. After I make something, I always imagine what Paul Hollywood's reaction would be; "a bit dry but the flavour holds well." think I'm losing it.
The past few days have blurred into one, I can't differentiate to be honest. Every morning I get a depressing reminder of where I was last year on google photos which genuinely breaks me a bit. The hopes of another trip will push me through. Happy Thursday all xo

Must admit I abandoned Fridays post. I was a bit hungover and it was 'officially' my last day of uni for this term. What a strange one at that. Today's been not the slightest bit interesting. I've been working on an essay all day about Grace Coddington which although interesting, is starting to wear me down a little bit. I'm feeling motivated to complete my work though for once so I can focus on other things, lets see how long that lasts.
The coolest thing happened yesterday on my daily walk. I had set out after finishing my book, 'Fashionopolis,' (a great book on the future of the fashion industry for anyone interested) I had told my mum at the start of our walk that I was desperate to read 'The Flatshare,' I was going to order it once I got home. Right near my house, by a railway crossing there is an old telephone box. Members of the local community set up a kind of swap-shop/ library in it but I've never looked before. For some reason I decided to look and the first thing I saw in my eyeline was the book, The Flatshare. It literally felt like a sign from the universe. Perhaps a sign from the universe not to buy from Amazon? Sorry not sorry Jeff Bezo's.

A year ago today, I was on a plane to Kuala Lumpur. Straight off our 13 hour flight, we boarded a rickety bus, it had no air con and the curtains were a sort of pale green lined with yellow lace. Molly and I hardly spoke to each other; we were struck by the unknown. Clambering off that bus, lost and afraid, a stranger approached us and walked us to our hostel, carrying our bags. This stranger was so kind, unquestionably so. It was like a moment of peace in chaos. We never saw him again, but I won't forget his kindness.

Today has been brighter. I had a lie in, a warm pain au chocolat for breakfast and a black coffee. I think sometimes when your mind thinks too much, it overwhelms the actual task at hand and everything seems much more daunting. So I let myself not think today, and I just worked and pondered the situation. Currently it feels like I plan my days around when I eat. It gets to about 5 o'clock and then I'm ready for a glass of wine. I can't be the only one drinking as much as I am?
So cheers to thursday, good memories and the stranger in Kuala Lumpur.

Today I had an email from my uni accomodation saying I have the option of terminating my contract early. I think the permanency of this situation has finally hit me like a brick.
I love my uni home. I love the street and all the big billowing houses that are cut up into tiny flats with multiple floors and jigsaw floor plans. I love the way the light hits my window in the mornings and how I can move in my room. I even love our neighbours who cook naked opposite, always in view from the dinner table (never thought I'd say that.)
So it makes me sad that I couldn't carry on those memories for a little bit longer. That I couldn't cook in that tiny kitchen for just one more meal, even though I hate it. Part of me wants to eek the tenancy out just that little bit longer, in hopes that I'll be back for the summer! Going for runs down Hove beach and drinking red wine with the big sash windows open. It all just feels a bit abrupt. I can relish the memories in that house for a little longer though, and I know it's my friends that made that house so special. Even better that I'll be with them all next year.

PS thanks for the comments on yesterday's post. Love you guys!!

I've been keeping a journal of my isolation days but not sharing it on here and I'm half inspired by reading Frida-Reg('s?) online journal to share with you a daily account of my days; because some of you might be that bored: plus I am that bored.
Today I've spent most of the day scrolling depop and furiously googling lemon yellow towelling tracksuit bottoms. Sometimes I get these ideas in my head of outfits and this morning I had a vision of my future self. It's few months from now, strolling the streets of some nameless city wearing platform sandals and lemon yellow trousers that sit perfectly at the hip- not too high not too low. Of course in my vision my waist is snatched and my abs are perfectly toned from all the Joe Wicks P.E sessions that I've been virtually attending from the decking in the garden.
Nevertheless I couldn't find the pair of trousers; which left me feeling kind of deflated.
The other day I found a bookmark that my late grand-dad made for me and it reads:
"The sun does not shine on both sides of the hedge at once." 
In adjusting to this new period and new 'forced' environment, I find myself restless in chasing the past or dreaming about the future. I think blissfully of days in the sun, coffee with friends and those summer pub evenings which I had envisioned and of which were getting me through my winter blues. Yet here we are, with nothing to look forward to but the day that this ends? And it is so uncertain. We have to learn how to ride this new wave of uncertainty. The thing is, life can feel so certain sometimes and that's a pretty scary feeling too.
So maybe it's a good thing I couldn't find the trousers, because you've got to enjoy the sun in your own back garden first. 
a photo from my friends place in melbourne, irrelevant but I liked it 
I don't want to discuss the politics or the logistics of this pandemic. God forbid I refresh the BBC news app one more time or I might just lose it completely. But it is the beginning of something. Days of being at home. It's funny how the lack of choice we hold in the decision to 'stay home' changes my outlook- past me would have adored this chance to retreat from society; but present me is a little more skeptical and anxious of being alone with my own thoughts.
I suppose it makes me value the freedom I have more, it makes me appreciate the time spent with friends, being in the company of so many. I'm grateful that I am happy to spend time alone.

I'm going to use this time to be creative, to slow down and learn how to just be. I think I'm guilty of imposing a sort of pressure on myself to do something productive and meaningful with this time; in fear that it will be wasted. Nevertheless, I think this could be what our society needs right now and it makes me sad that it takes something as monumental as a pandemic, to make people slow down and realise what is important in life. We'll have to relearn how to navigate the system, and maybe that's not such a bad thing at all? Because we're all rolling with the punches together.