late night conversations

Late night conversations with new friends in new places, people who you click with. People you were meant to meet. So many times passing familiar strangers, you greet them with a smile and for a moment there's a mutual realisation that you know each other. But where from? Chasing faces, you search your brain of recent memories. Tracing back to where your paths had crossed before. Glancing away you take a sip of a cold beer, your eyes never to meet again.

But it's such a funny feeling, you click with people and before long you move onto your own adventures. And you wonder will you ever really see them again?
You awkwardly say, "see you soon-it was nice to meet you."
Maybe you'll even shed a tear, in memory of those late night conversations. 


  1. I love this !! (and late night conversations) xxx


  2. This is so beautiful, Lexie - you could write poems.
    Really romantically written.
    And we still were not meant to meet yet haha will try my best to visit you! xx



thank you x