I've been sleeping in late a lot recently. Until the sun seeps through my curtain or most likely until the sound of rain against the window wakes me up.

Adjusting to life post travelling has been strange. I haven't quite been able to slot back into where I fitted before and I feel as though everything and nothing around me has changed. It all suddenly feels much smaller than when I left.
Don't get me wrong, it is good to be home. Good to see family and friends; to not be woken by someone coming in at 3am or losing things in the abyss of my backpack. But I do miss it.

I miss the friendly faces you meet, friendships made after five minutes talking, and eating new food every night.

I learnt a lot about myself whilst travelling. That I'm capable of more than I give myself credit for. I was scared coming back I would lose the confidence I had gained, that I wouldn't implement all the lessons learnt into my daily routines. But I think I'm learning to balance these nuances and to not fall back into lazy habits.

I found this in my notes page on my phone and wanted to share,

"I’m lying in a hostel bed in Da Lat, Vietnam.  The room is quiet apart from the patter of peoples feet in and out of the room and the sound of laughter coming from the kitchen downstairs. I’m exhausted and trying to catch up on sleep but my mind is somewhere else. Last night we caught a 15 hour sleeper bus from Hoi An; that contrary to the name didn’t involve much sleeping thanks to a crying baby and winding rural roads. I’ve pulled the blue curtain shut at the end of my bed; and for the first time in days I’m alone in my own space. When Molly and I look for hostels we always take into account a few details; one: is there a free breakfast? And two: are there curtains? I think privacy is a luxury that I certainly take for granted at home. It’s in these moments alone with my thoughts that all comes into fruition, and the thought of going home leaves me with a bittersweet taste in my mouth. The past four months have been full of so many happy moments. In such a short period of time I feel as though I’ve experienced every high and every low: but it’s tainted in a happy haze. Undoubtedly, it’s been the best four months of my life; and as the journey home looms above us, I can go home happy knowing I've had so many incredible experiences. That the world is a much smaller place, you're only ever a flight or two away from home. But I think what scares me the most about heading home is knowing there is so much left to explore and so little time or money to do so. So for now I am content in my explorations, but I know the novelty of home will wear off fast, and I'll be ready to go again." 

I hope you all are well

lexie xo


  1. There's just something about traveling and going to new places.

    Effortlessly Sophisticated

  2. oh boy I love this (and the pic!!!). Your trip really does sound amazing, but I think you need those bits at home, the mundane routine and monotony, to appreciate the freedom and adventure. Can't wait to hear more about it all xox

    1. Thank youu!! So true, you need to travel to appreciate home and I was defo in need of some sort of routine aha. Lots of luv xx

  3. Glad you got back safe b, and had what sounds like a very transformative, beautiful and enlightening trip (obvs I was gushing so much about all your pics on instagram haha). Love the journal entry too. Can't wait for more posts!! xx

    1. Thank you zoe! It was super transformative for sure. Lots of love! xx

  4. Oh thank you for sharing this. I like the ideas of to realize the limitation of our own views, to appreciate the various kinds of beauty in the world and to appreciate home.

    The notes about your stay in Da Lat, Vietnam is an open eyes for sure.
    Where all of the tiredness and various feelings mixed up. I believe this experience will not let you get back to your lazy routine again haha, just remember every time that lazy feeling coming - we have lot of things to explore out there, so we could not just sit still :)

    Sure should do that again! xx

  5. Also you and Molly look so cute in the photo x

  6. Keep rocking it, just another amazing post!


thank you x