polka dot bikini


As I've been literally bulk buying bikinis for my trip (I feel like thats all I talk about? Sorry..) I thought today I would share some of my favourite kinis. 

I brought this amazing string bag from TK Max for £1.99, feel like I'm really submerging myself into the instagram trend of summer 2018; but tbh I think it'll be pretty handy when doing the occasional food shop lol. I picked up the first bikini top from H&M for £12, which I know is naughty but I couldn't resist. The bottoms are high leg from asos, which explains why it looks so lols (and nappy like) in these flat lays. 
The itsy polka dot bikini is also from asos, but I brought it off a seller on Depop for a bargain. I had admired it last year, but it sold out before I got my hands on it! Simularly, the oval sunnies are also from asos but on Depop too! 

Hope you are all well,
Lexie xo 

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