scandi street

These trousers are everything I want in life

Hey friends,
hope you're all good. I wanted to make a little post highlighting some of my favourite street style looks. These are some gorgeous looks sourced from the web, and i believe they're from Copenhagen Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week. I could however be very wrong. I just wanted to check in with a fashion-y post but I've got some cool content planned and a lot going on in my life atm...
hope you are all well,
lexie xo


  1. These are all such lewksss! Yesss those flared trousers r to die for. I wonder if fashion week is when sales go UP bc im so tempted to recreate every look i see haha.

    Zoe xo

    1. Oooh they're so beautiful aren't they, wanna live a 70s dream life in them lol. Oohh I know! I so bet its another way the man profits of fashion week lol xo


thank you x