Wow. It's been a hot minute since I did an outfit post.. I think the last time was in summer, before I went away around Europe..?

I wanted to make it a new years resolution to post more outfit pics. I love reading ootd posts but I'm always soo self conscious when it comes to doing my own posts.. I end up looking back on photos like ew whats my hair doing, whys my face like that? I give up with all the negitivity tbh, I put myself down too much.
I recently bought this gorgeous (reversible, yes boi) sherpa jacket from depop. It was a steal at £15 and one of those things I couldn't stop thinking about. It hasn't got a collar and the sleeves sort of flare a little bit making it the perfect boxy jacket.. I paired it with these comfy flared trousers from PLT, which were the first thing I've ever bought from there and boy they are soft. I do keep treading on them though whenever I walk, it's a problem with that comes with flared jeans/ trousers that I had completely forgotten about. I then wore it with this grey jumper from a kilo sale which cost me £3.. And bish bash bosh: ootd am I riteee.

I've changed up my blog layout again, because why not. Often I find it I'm in a bit of a rut with my blog, changing the layout gets me going again. I also found this super cool sparkly title get up, which is pretty funky and it actually worked on blogger which really did surprise me.
Update on my uni interview too, I got offered a place which was super cool! I'm still undecided about where to go but I have time to choose I suppose.

Hope you all had a good week!
lexie xo

Jacket: H&M (depop)
Jumper: kilo sale
Trousers: Pretty Little Thing
Shoes: Adidas
Hat: not sure??
Bag: also not sure??
Sunglasses: ASOS (depop)
photos taken by archie xo

Song of the week: Peggy Gou 'it makes you forget,' mega girl crushing on Peggy Gou atm.


  1. That's good news re: your Uni interview and offer!
    Your sherpa jacket looks warm, and your outfit looks attractive and fashionable. I like the green colour of your knit hat, and the light and dark contrasts between your pastel blue jumper, black Pretty Littler Thing trousers and white Adidas trainers. I love that the laces of your trainers coordinate so nicely with your jumper. Your hair, eyeshadow and lipstick all look beautiful!


    1. Ah thank you so much! All about contrasting colours and comfort x

  2. ahh I love this outfit, the flares suit you so well! WELL DONE on the uni offer- you will end up where you're meant to be so just trust in yourself and don't sweat it too much.

    lots of love,

    1. Thanks Dalal!! We love a flare;) It's so tricky to make decisions but hey what will be will be xo

  3. I love your flares!! They seem like such a perfect length, I ordered a cheap pair from ASOS and I swear to god they were made for a giraffe to wear, so long and also so see-through. Ordered another pair though so fingers crossed, seeing you in yours has made me super jealous! Also love the jacket, especially so because it's reversible, frickin love reversible clothes ! x

  4. love this outfit!! wanna borrow those flares haha!! and loving this new blog layout sooo much!

    Tasha x

  5. Congratulations on being offered a place! That's so cool, you will end up making the right decisions for you in the end. Also, you look gorgeous! I love this outfit on you. You can't go wrong with flared trousers xx Laura


thank you x