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Happy Tuesday friends!! I'm currently having a week off from work and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. It's been intense over the Christmas period, as you can imagine and I've got the additional stress of a uni interview tomorrow. I'm trying to stay calm but I'm so not calm at this kind of thing.
I'm also frantically trying to plan blog posts because it's the year of the blog...

Whilst brainstorming posts, I realised I've never posted or told you about my tattoos. I shared a post of my first tattoo (a year ago now, whatt) but I never mentioned the others I have. I also wanted to share my everyday jewellery with you too, because the sun was so beautiful this morning and I got some fab photos.

I got my first tattoo of the evil eye on my foot a year ago this month. I got it on sort of a whim, but I do love it. It doesn't have much of a meaning to be honest. I think I hoped I could imagine one up, but it hasn't happened. I don't mind though, its my first tattoo and I think the period of time it represents means more to me.

In May last year I got the next three of my tattoos.. I got them all done by the lovely Morgan from New Language in London. She's incredibly talented and I adore all the tats she did for me.

Pictured first is my lightning bolt tattoo on my left inner arm. I am obsessed with tiny tattoos (and big ones, but tiny are a personal fav) so wanted to get a few smaller ones. This is a tribute to Bowie and my love from him as an artist.

The next of my tiny tattoos is the letter 'G' on my arm. This is probably my favourite tattoo of all and it's for my brother George. The font is times new roman bold, you just can't go wrong with a bit of TNR.

My final tiny tattoo are the words, "Love and Kisses"  on my inner arm. These are written in my late Nanna's font and its the most gorgeous tribute to her. Her writing was so beautiful and script-like, it's like she could have written it directly on my arm. I initially was going to just get 'love' tattooed on me, but it looked empty without the 'kisses.'

I'm all or nothing with jewellery. You either go hard or go home. I've been pretty fickle with my jewellery; flitting between gold and silver recently, which is fab bc I feel as though I've found ways to wear them both. I never, ever thought I would be a gold kinda lady but it's a changing. I've been loving big statement silver rings and jewellery, Wolf Circus is a fav.

My main ring is from The Great Frog and was an 18th present. I adore it, and I so want to get more from TGF, but my bank balance wont have it..
My signet ring was a gift from Archie this xmas, and the other rings are also gifts.. My pals have good tastes what can I say. 

fav brands:

So yeah.. Those are my tattoos and a few of my favourite jewellery pieces atm... I hope you're all well and pushing through the january bluesss.

lots of love,


  1. Firstly, these photos are so pretty, secondly your tattoos are all sO pretty- I'm getting another one on Friday I think and am very excited, although haven't run the idea past my mum yet and I'm not sure whether to bother telling her or not. I've become a really big fan of sternum tattoos lately. I love your tattoos though, they're so delicate and pretty- also super jealous of your jewellery. I've lost my watch and three of my rings since being back at uni oops. Hope the uni interview goes/ went well!!x

    1. Ah thank you libby!! No way what did you go for!!!? Tattoos are so exciting, I'm obsessed lol. Oh noo, I'm notoriously bad at keeping hold of rings lol, they fall off so often!!! Hope youre good xo

  2. These are so so gorg! The 'love and kisses' one is so beautiful. <3 I'm thinking of starting my tattoo journey when I turn 20 this year, and I love how tiny yours are - I never thought of how delicate, discreet and cute they can be when they're that size. Good luck with uni interviews etc! Lots of luv,

    Zoe xo

    1. Thank youuu!! Oh thats super exciting, you defo should!! I adore big pieces but I also love how discreet and simple mine are ahah. Thank u zoe, hope all is well with you! xo

  3. aw gorgeous photos!! always loved your tattoos, makes me wanna get a lil one too!

    Tasha x


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