F*ck. Where did another year of our lives go?
Happy New Year pals.
2019 seems to have sprung upon us and I can't even remember where 2018 went.
2018 was a lovely year for the most part; filled with love, travels, new beginnings and endings. It was a year of realising what was worth my time and energy, and I feel very lucky to be able to surround myself with some beautiful people.
It was a year that taught me that that the art of saying no.

This year I wrote down a few goals of mine. It wouldn't be a new year without some goals eh. I find myself often setting very unrealistic goals; so hopefully these will be achievable.

I know that a new year doesn't warrant new behaviours or new goals, it's just another day. But I love that it gives everyone a chance to positively change themselves, or take something up. So here are a few of my goals:

-Write more. I brought a beautiful little journal/ book from Muji when I visited Dalal in London a few weeks ago. I used to write in a journal everyday and got into such a good habit but sort of broke it unknowingly.

-Read more. This summer I devoured books whilst I was away, but somehow the second I got home I found it so hard to read?! I want to read 50 books this year. It seems like a lot to me but I know I am capable of it so bring it onnn.

- Be more vegan. 2019 is the year of the vegan, baby. I know a whole load of peeps going vegan for January, it's amazing! I eat a mostly vegan diet (minus cheddar cheese and the occasional egg,) but my goal this year is to try and make my diet a little bit healthier. I consume far too much hummus and chocolate for my diet to be healthy: 2019 is my year lmao.

-Fear less. This is a biggie for me. I find the older I get the more fearful I get. I'm going away in April for four months, and whilst I'm so beyond excited: I'm fucking scared. My mind seems to think of everyway I could die and then suddenly I'm questioning going at all.

-Blog more, talk more. I regret to say I neglected my creativity and blog far too much towards the middle and end of 2018. I love blogging and more importantly talking to you guys; and it's something I want to do more of in 2019. I think it will be a challenge for me when I'm away in Aus, Nz and Asia but I will try and keep it up. I want to sort out my overall vibe and online presence bc I'm terribly indecisive with who I want to be. (aren't we all..)
I also so think there needs to be a mega improvement on blogger/ a way to read blogs. Ok so Bloglovin is ok, but there are certain things I HATE about it. Blogger also annoys me so much, but I feel nostalgically attached to it and don't wanna go anywhere else?

Thank you; thank you to everyone who made my 2018. Thank you all too for continuing to support me and listen to me, I love you alll. Cheerss,
Lexie xo


  1. In order, looking at the images above: The water and the beach look really nice.. I miss summer; the view in the third photo is very pretty; That wish for a good day in the fourth image is great, and; the young woman in the fifth image is very pretty!!! :)
    Time seems to move faster the older I get.. I blinked and another year was shot in the ass.
    Wow - you read a lot! Congratulations on being vegetarian! I'm a vegetarian too. I like the blog posts by Sarah at Long Island Vegan.. yummy looking dishes.
    Let me know if you come up with some good methods for fearing less. I no longer drink, so that's not an option any more. Best wishes for wonderful experiences during your upcoming four months away and for the entirety of year 2019!
    I'm glad you're nostalgically attached to blogger - I love your goals for the year ahead and really love your blog. xxoxx :D


    1. Thank you for the really lovely comment! I will definitely check out Long Island Vegan. A very happy new year to you x

  2. I'm so excited to see more!!

  3. Such beautiful pics!! Omg I am sooo exited for you for your travelling trip, it's gonna be AMAZING! Can't wait for some travel blog posts hehe. Happy new year hun, xxxxx

    1. Thanks Zoe! Getting superr excited and real noww xoxo


thank you x