What I've Been: October 2018

lookin like a mole

Inspired by Dalal xo

What I've been doing: 

October has been a CRAZY month. I don't know where the time has gone??
I started the month in a bit of a frenzy; needing to sort out UCAS, travelling and saving all of which isn't really sorted (except flights booked, but hey.)

At the start of the month I visited my friend Grace at Reading uni which was amazin. It was my first time out in ages, and was SUCH a good break from work lol. We went to this fab place called Yolk too and had a delish breakfast.

I'm heading off to DisneyLand tomorrow for the weekend and it's also Archie's 21st so I spent this week in Bournemouth celebrating an early birthday with him. I've been to Bournemouth twice visiting Archie, Tash and Lily. I always have the bEST time every time I go.

I also went to Tulley's Farm on Sunday night which is like a horror park thing. My dear friend Amy does the makeup for the actors, so she got me a special ticket. It was a fabulous evening, terrifying but also hilariousss.

What I've been watching/ reading: 

Have been loving GBBO this year. It's actually the first year I've watched it and I am hooked. It was an absolute rollercoaster and I can't wait for next year already lol. I've also been loving Grace and Frankie, which I watch with my mum on the sofa in these colder evenings.

I haven't read an awful lot ngl, I've just started The Bell Jar so I'll keep you updated on that read.

What I've been listening to: 

I've also just started listening to The Teachers Pet podcast which is the craziest thing everr. It's super interesting.

What I've been wearing:

My work uniform is the short answer lol. No, I've been wearing lots of chunky knit jumpers and my Nike Cortez. I also recently brought a new coat from Topshop (after selling all of my other coats from the Youtube video I did lol,) and I've been living in it. I also brought these amazing stripe trousers from h&m today and I'm obsessed.

What I want: 

THESE amazing fluff lined Doctor Marten boots. I'm asking for them for xmas because I'm fed up of all my cheap boots. I always go for the same style, but bc I'm always on a budget I have to go for cheap (often second hand) boots and they always break.

I also really want a pair of pinstripe trousers that fit me. Why are trousers always so short on me?! Why have I just realised this?

What I've been anticipating:

The flight to Paris tomorrow. I'm shitting my pants for it, I hate flying and it's an early flight so I can't even drink to dull the nerves. I've also been getting increasingly nervous about my flight to Kuala Lumpa in April. It's such a long way a way but it is literally TERRifyng me every time I think about it. Anyone have any tips for flying?? lol at me.

Anyway, I hope you all are well!! Luvv uuu


  1. First of all, gal u loook gorgeous in every pic wow. And aww sounds like a v good, busy and wild month. - even tho they were somewhat stressful its one of those months that just leave you on a high! And omg have fun in paris tomorrow im sooo jel! And a tip for flying:Id make sure i had some good music to listen to on my phone just to listen to when i get bored or need a break from looking at a small tv screen. If flights get turbulent,which they all do and it's fine, (literally found out it's normal), watch a movie to take your mind off it, it helps me so much as someone who gets nervous. Also just get into the most comfortable position and sleep. Bring an extra pillow/neck thingy, and blanket. Also snacks too! Sometimes the areoplane snacks just feel cold and tasteless haha. Good luuuuck, you'll literally have such an amazing time in KL! Zoe xo

  2. yeee i love posts like this. You look super cute in all the pics as always. Eek hope you're having fun in disney land!!! I used to be terrified of flying (like screaming panic attack on the tarmac lol) but I think just exposure helped because each time i flew i realised i didnt die and i actually now love it. I am desperate for a pair of docs too but student budget lol - guess I'll wait for christmas too. SO excited for you nd your travelling xoxox


thank you x