making the switch to slow fashion

Since working in retail, I find myself obsessing and wanting to buy ridiculous things which I so don't need. I think it's the buying environment that is having such a negative influence on my spending habits. Still, I haven't indulged too much and I've been depoping a lot recently, you remember my jacket video?  I sold all of those jackets, minus the Burberry and the Denim jacket.. oops. 
Nevertheless, a bit part of fashion is buying and like so many others I get such a kick out of it. Stacey Dooley's recent Fast Fashion Docu shook the fashion community up a bit, and I'm so excited to see big companies change up the way in which they produce and promote their clothing. We don't need all these thingss, what void is it filling?? 

Still it's a big lifestyle change to make, when you've spent your whole life (so far) following the crowd. Switching to slow fashion has been a very tricky process for me. I went full cold turkey 2 years ago, only buying from Depop and charity shops. Whilst it worked for a steady 6 months, I relapsed after and went MAD on websites like Boohoo and Misguided. I brought a lot of shit I didn't need.

So as I always tell myself, it's important to make subtle changes and remember that such big switches are only do-able in moderation. My shopping habits certainly aren't 100% ethical, but I'd like to think it'll get there soon. I've learnt a lot on this journey so far, and I want to share a few tips that could help you make the all important switch.. 

1: Detox

The first step to anything right? lol. If you're anything like me, you're probs subscribed to a million influencers on Youtube and follow them all on the 'gram. Subsequently, your ig feed is filled with '#ads' and '#spon.' All this subliminal advertising accumulates overtime and it's so easy to find yourself buying yet again, shit you don't need. This friends, is where you have to detox your feed. Don't unfollow everyone, but have a little social media cleanse. Subscribe to some ethical influencers and fill your feed with positive, slow brands. (I'll do a post on some of my favourite brands soon.)

Also have a detox of your wardrobe. Look at what you HAVE got, rather than looking at what you don't have. Dig up some of your old favs and move your wardrobe around a bit so your less worn items are at the front, isa game changer. 

2: Challenge yourself

As I said going cold turkey was a bad move for me, and I learnt it was best to act was to take it slow. Make small challenges and goals for yourself, these are some of my tried and tested:
-For every one thing brought throw out two.
-Only buy from charity shops for a month.
-Quit fast fashion for three months.
-Only buy one 'new' item per month.

Be realistic though. Or it ain't gonna stick.

3: Buy less, choose well

In the words of Vivienne Westwood. Our current fashion environment is soo obsessed with fads and trends which don't even last a season a lot of the time. Instead of giving into said trends; admire them and if you really like something (you've been thinking about it for at least a month) buy it made well. Fast fashion isn't designed to last, so take a second to invest in quality items which you'll wear and love, not wear and chuck. 

Most importantly, don't just buy for the sake of buying. Look at what you actually need in your wardrobe, what you're missing. There's only so many little black dresses a girl needs hunni. 

4: Will I wear this a minimum of 30 times?:
This is a mantra which I shop by, and one which you should too. 30 is the minimum number of times you should wear an item to make it's environmental impact 'worth it.' Do you love it and does it love you? Will you really wear it 30 times, or is it just for one night? Do you really need it?

I hope this was somewhat helpful to you guyss. I wrote this very quickly so I apologise for my haphazard writing in places. I'm going to follow up this post with some of my favourite ethical brands, as well as hauls etc. I think the most important thing with fast fashion is spreading the awareness and being realistic. I do still buy fast fashion, but always in moderation and it's ultimately not the main bulk of my wardrobe. 

Lots o love and hope you are all well, 
lexie xo


  1. Buying less and choosing wisely makes a difference. I need to follow some of those tips as well. Have a lovely day. xx


    1. It definitely does! Thank you, hope you are too xo

  2. This exactly what I've been trying to do! Timeless classics rather chasing the ever-changing trends!

    Great Post


  3. Sometime is better to not following the crowd even though it's hard.
    Haha happens to me too! also this is a good insightful post x



thank you x