a lazy guide to: minimalism

This post relates heavily to my last post on 'fair fashion', which I hadn't even realised until I started writing this... Take a look at my last post if you're feelin inspired!!

Recently, I've been slowly trying to reduce my belongings and minimise my wardrobe. I know a lot of people don't care too much about this sort of thing, which is something I truly admire. However, I find often that the space I'm in correlates with my head space and my mental wellbeing. If I spend the majority of my time in a messy, cluttered room I feel cluttered.
The the problem I have is that I am also an extremely messy person.. I'm talking a constant floor-drobe and always, always at least 3 empty mugs.. It's kind of a weird juxtaposition because I'm an absolute perfectionist when it comes to studying, but hey that's just how it goes.

This weekend I was supposed to visit my pals in Bath, but due to shitty southern rail, I couldn't get the train down there in time:/ This meant I was left with a free weekend, and not a lot to do (minus a Sunday lunch.)
Alas, I decided to embark on my journey into minimalism. (lets just see how this goes, I am a hoarder and a messy person by nature but I love a challenge.)

I began this journey into minimalism as anyone would, with a clearout. I've been calling it a purge though bc it was a BIG clearout. There aren't a lot of rules to minimalism, it's more about clearing out unnecessary shit and adjusting your mindset to live with more purpose. I think this is a general vibe which needs to be more widely shared through out maximist society though.

Here is how I started my 'purge' and some tips for you, if you want them, to eliminate the guilt and emotions that one attaches to inanimate objects.

1. The junk drawer(s)
We all have one. I had about three. Full of useless shit, glitter, random photos, notebooks. Make a start here even if you just reorganise it; knowing what you have is alwayss key.

2. Declutter
Start with what you want to prioritse, what needs to be done first. For me it was my undies drawer. I had like a million socks with holes in so I recycled them.

-The Flow Chart
This flow chart was soo helpful in decding what I actually needed to keep. It's important to ask yourself a few questions when decluttering... Is it sentimental? When did you last use/wear it?


3. Quality over quantity

The penultimate rule. It's so important to really think into purchases and when you do purchase something, make sure it's gonna last! Make sure you'll get at least 30 wears out of it, and that it wont break next week. Do it for mother nature baby.

4. Let go of any guilt

The emotions one attaches to inanimate objects is ridiculous. I found myself looking at an old jar, struggling to throw it away because I used to use it in art class and 'it might come in useful.' Then I realised how silly it was, I haven't painted in so long, and I should just recycle it.
I also had a pile of clothes which I was keeping for depop. Stuff that wasn't selling or I hadn't put up. I was hanging onto it, but I wasn't being proactive. I have since donated the clothes, but I felt so guilty for not pursuing them on Depop, it was the best thing to get rid of them.
You gotta be realistic gals.

Ultimately, minimalism isn't about having 30 belongings (it is, but thats soo not doable for like most of the population.) it's about having items that bring you joy and rekindling a love for what you do have. But it's most importantly about realising objects and clothes are only a temporary source of joy and happiness. Your happiness and worth isn't determined by materialistic possessions and it shouldn't be dependent on them.
Your happiness comes from experiences and life.

Love you all,
lexie xox  


  1. Haha really into tips number 3 and 4 every time I try to re-organize my wardrobe!
    Your room look neat after it anyway and love the way you decorate it x


  2. ahh love this!! Will defo have a look at the flowchart. Last summer I literally donated so much of my wardrobe, it was so cleansing throwing away all of the shit I was never wearing but emotionally holding onto. But ironically, during the summer and up until now I have been battling with my shopping addiction again (let's blame it on uni stress and seasonal depression) and it's just awful. I want the waves of feeling like I need to have all these material possessions to stop, and just focus on what I do have. but yahh, good luck with this new start to minimalism g!! I think it's good to have a list of reasons why you're doing it so you can refer to it whenever you think your diverging from your main goal. Zoe xo

    1. Ty Zoe!! It's such a good feeling getting rid of stuff, but I'm completely the same!! End up cleansing then rebuying... lots of luv xo

  3. Looove this post! I'm trying to be more minimal and it's always so satisfying to see peoples progress. Loving the plants and guitars! xx


thank you x