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Hey guyss,
I just wanted to check in with you all. I've been all over the place (as per usual.) And it seems like I have done nothing exciting to mention. I've pretty much just been spending my time working, sleeping and visiting people at uni. It's a funny time for me at the moment, and blogging has felt more like a chore than something exciting?? I want to write but I've got such a bad case of writers block.

I also just finished my personal statement which has taken up ALL my headspace and energy; but it's done and I'm gonna get it sent off asap. It's been mega stressing me out on Twitter atm as so many bloggers I follow are all like 'ahh got my place at ....' And here I am and I haven't even applied yet. Lmao.

But yeah, thats all I really have to say? I want to do some more creative content and I have some cool ideas, but I like to do things in an orderly way, and first up I'll get my personal statement out the way then I'm all yours baby.

OOh I'm also booking flights to the other side of the world on Thursday. We're going to Kuala Lumpur, Sinapore, Nz, Auz, Bali, Lombok, Thailand and Vietnam. Get me out of this place rn pls. We're not going till April but it's still crazy exciting.

Love you n leave you,
lexie xo


  1. so many exciting things are happening with you- all v well deserved. best of luck with your uni application and travels (take lots of pics!) we need to have a catch up soon, let me know when you're next in london (I'm back in december)

    dalalalal <3

    1. ah ilyyy. Thank you my dear, we really doo!! I'll let you know when I get my work rota for december and will let you know!! hope exeter is treating you well. xxxx

  2. good luck with your uni things!! xx

  3. So many exciting plans even though it's still a bit of time away!!

  4. Girrrl have the most amazing time in South East Asia!!!!! You're gonna love it. Good luck with everything, sending love xoxo


thank you x