travel diary: berlin

Berlin is one of my favourite cities in Eastern Europe. It holds a lot of memories from when Archie and I visited for the first time in 2016.  What I love about cities like Berlin is the constant movement. It's a city full of life and culture, constantly evolving and changing. Whilst the city felt so familiar from our last trip when the sun shone over the streets we saw a new side to the city.

It's a city with a bit of a complex history, and it's certainly not the prettiest eastern European city. Despite this, it's rough exterior adds to it's charm, and I love seeing the way in which history and modern life collides. The way it is forever preserved. Berlin is a huge city, meaning despite already having visited twice, we both left feeling like we still haven't 'completed' it. I guess we'll just have to go again...

As Berlin is soo huge, it really takes a lot of research to know where the hot places are. Everything is so spread out, at times shopping felt like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Humana: this is a chain of thrift shops across Berlin (and I think Europe?) that we visited last time. Our favourite was in Alexanderplatz and is a bit like a huge warehouse.
Alexanderplatz: lots of shopping here, including Alexa shopping centre (which is massive)
Hackescher Markt: close to Alexandrerplatz but a little cooler. Lots of independent restaurants and shops.
Friedrichstraße: Very toursity shopping district but still worth a visit. Found a great bookshop here too where I picked up my Zadie Smith book!


This section is going to be so full because there is so much to do when in Berlin.
-Brandenburg Gate: when we were visiting it was the world cup so they had put up a huge screen and had food/ beer stalls all the way down the mall. It was pretty incredible.
-The Reichstag dome
-East Side Gallery
-Berlin Cathedral
-TV tower
-Check Point Charlie
-Beer Gardens: Prater Beer Garden, Cafe Am Neun See, Republic Berlin (some favs)
-Lidos, some of these are further out of the city, we saved our last day to do a Lido, then found out someone had hired it out that day for a fashion week show. Typical.. : Badeschiff Berlin, Haubentaucher, Schlachtensee (further out of the city but free), Sommerbad Olympiastadion (the Olympic swimming pool, super cool.)
-Tempelhofer Park: This is Berlin's old airport which is no longer in use
 but now acts as a public park. It's an amazing space with such an interesting history.
-Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe: an obvious must see, in winter and summer.
-Parks: I think my favourite thing in Berlin was stumbling across parks and spending hours reading on the grass.

Berlin is pretty good for transport as the metro system is very efficient and fast. It's a bit strange as it works by ticket validation, so theres no barriers like the tube. Although it is pretty cheap we managed to avoid buying tickets when we could. (naughty) The ticket guards don't wear a uniform so you have to be on the ball incase you get caught out. A friend of ours did and ended up paying a fat fine...


Cafe Pfortner

Bar wise, we tended to just visit beer gardens to drink (see above) We found some cool bar spots around the East Side Gallery though.
-Banja Luka
-Café Pförtner (cafe in a bus, so cool and so cheap)
-Monkey Bar

I hope this was helpful for any of you visiting Berlin soon! I defo feel like we still haven't seen the whole city, and I would love to go back again soon.
I'll be back later this week with some more posts,
love lexie x 


  1. Berlin looks so pretty!!

  2. I went to Berlin in July and since I’ve come back I’ve seen so many people visiting; I’m jealous!! It’s a lovely city and I really want to go back there. Your photos look great! And I agree, the whole ticket-validation thing on the tube is weird! When you do go back, visit the Rosengarten if you’ve not already been, it’s just another beer garden but in the middle of a huge rose garden and it’s so pretty! Xx

  3. I feel like I didnt 'properly' do Berlin when I went, I am fascinated by the history and think it has such a cool vibe and am desperate to go back. You always seem to find the coolest places (how do you do your research!?) nd I'm deffs gonna save this post to refer back to! I adore the aesthetic of your pics too, always so nice xo

  4. hey, if you need someone to go back to Berlin with I'm more than happy to come ;) it's definitely a more 'cool' 'edgy' city which fits you to a T. Hopefully I can visit soon!

    Dalal // dalaltahira.com

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I love your photography too, Chloe x


  6. Great post, I'm glad you loved Berlin as much as I did! The train guards are so sneaky aren't they?! There are so many places in Europe that do that x

  7. love this! sounds and looks amaze there x

  8. Ahhh this was such a good holiday compilation. The photos are absolutely gorg, looks like you had a beautiful time. Sending luv xx


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