Olsen Twins (forever)

Last night I dreamt I was in a shopping centre in Dubai and Ashley Olsen came up to me and complimented me on my bag (it was Hedi Slimane's debut Celine bag, which isn't all that but still) We then spend a whole day together shopping and it was fab.

With that in mind, I think it's about time (again) that we discussed the Olsen Twins on this blog. It's not old news that I'm rather in love with their style. The iconic duo have made several appearances on here, and I've basically already created this post once before. Nevertheless, today I wanted to create a post highlighting some of my favourite looks of theirs.

I know their style isn't to everyones taste, you only have to go so far as to read the comments on a Daily Mail post about them. I read a comment once which called them, '5th Avenue Trash,' and hell I wish I could afford to be 5th Avenue trash</3

Their sense of fashion never seizes to go out of trend, it's like they travelled forward in time and predicted what would be in. It's timeless, effortless and chic. Their style is the epitome of scandi-minimalism, and I love the element of boho with their waved hair, faux-fur (at least I hope) and the occasional messy makeup look.

Anyway here are some of my favourite looks of theirs,
lexie x


  1. Oh my god I love the Olsen twins, I know their fashion isn't for everybody but I strongly disagree with fifth avenue trash . I love their outfits in the sixth pic!x

  2. I wanna be an Olsen twin too now!! lol x

  3. I love them so muchhhh and they look so effortlessly cool and pretty


thank you x