Highs and Lows #2

This is basically my life in insta stories, which I've been getting so into recently! Also first pic is of no relevance, I would just do anything to be back on holibobs rn.
Hey friends,

I'm a terrible blogger I know but hello again.

I hope you're all doing ok and that school, work, college or whatever you may be doing is treating you well. It's my least fav time of year, I really dislike the all the changes that come with September. I think I've made such negative associations in the past, that I struggle now even when the change is good.
I've been working 9-6 everyday. It's killing my motivation a lot, but it is still a nice break from academic pressures and stress. That being said, I'm currently applying to uni and I am struggling immensely with personal statements and all that malarkey. It's super hard to find any motivation to write, especially when my headspace is so preoccupied in the day that coming home (when it's near dark) to write just seems like a chore by all measures.

There are never, ever enough hours in the day to do all the things I wanna do. That sounds like a petty excuse but its a genuine struggle... I'm in a bit of a weird place at the moment, feeling a little lost and strange but like all things it'll pass soonnn.


-Spending time fully with friends
-Going to a new cocktail bar in town more than once this past week, and getting tasty drinks
- Finally earning money and being able to buy nice things for myself and others
-Feeling useful for working lol
-Going on a cycle ride with Archie to the Marina and eating chips
-Knowing my bra size lol and feeling a little bit more confident in my body
-Listening to Love Survive by Michael Nau and watching too much Queer eye.

-Feeling really disconnected from my creative self, and my constant lack of inspiration
-Feeling distant from my blog
-Saying bye to all my friends and Archie when they went off to uni was super difficult, I'm feeling now like everyone has gone, even though I know that I still have friends home. It's difficult to see everyone else with all their other friends having a banging time, I'm a bit of a jealous person and get fomo super bad.

So thats a little round up of how I've been. I've found writing a little daunting as my laptop is a bit of a mess of loads of files and too may tabs, anyone else get that? I watched this video on youtube of chrome extensions you need, and I'm gonna download a load of them ahaha. Sorry I've been so inactive on here, I've been reading all you guys posts and 

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