coat and jacket collection

I have an unhealthy obsession with outerwear. Theres something about a coat that instantly changes a look. I state that as the reason as to why I have soo many, and why I need so many. Because you cant wear a slip dress with a Carhartt jacket can you? And a light blazer is no good in the snow.
I've pre-filmed and planned some Youtube videos to post, so I'll be able to post weekly (for now, depending on how it all goes.) I've set 'do youtube' as a gap year goal of mine and wanted to kick this new goal off with my coat and jacket collection, seasonal and also a little reminder for me of why I need to get rid of a few things lol.

In order to rid myself of this strange slump I've found myself in, I've set a few goals for my gap year.

1. I want to get into Youtube and for the most part commit myself to it for a bit. I'm bad at finishing things I start, and this seems like a good challenge for me at the moment.

2. I don't want to get too into the online world that I'm not fully present, but I want to connect and meet up with some of my online pals moree.

3. I want to cut out refined sugar and tone my love handles. A woman I was serving at work the other day made me lol, she said "I've got love handles and no one to love them." It sounds a bit sad when I put it like that but it made me laugh so much when she said it.

4. Conquer my weird new fear of flying. Idk where this has come from, but I need to tackle it before Molly and I head to Australia.

5. Buy a £10 film camera off Depop and document everything. I want a small one that I can load with film and take with me everywhere, I get so sick of digital photography and instagram filters. I want to get back into film photography.

6. Stop worrying what people think.

7. Get rid of three things for every one thing brought.

8. Get rid of some bloody coats.

I hope you all are well,
love lexie x


  1. OMG I AM SO JEALOUS OF THIS COLLECTION! I acc love how much you suit literally all of these looks so so well, despite how different and characteristic they are. Wow this acc made me realise I need to up my game :') lol! Mate if you're selling these HMU! It must be so hard to let go of these, but I loooved the Blazer and the Carhartt! (insert the eye emoji hahha) <3 <3 looking forward to your next vids!

    Zoe xo

    1. Oh you babe!!! Thank youu (have put a couple up on depop earlier lol if you're interested in any lol its @lexiealexandra) I'm such a hoarder but I seriously gotta declutter. The carhartt is my baby, literally wear it all the time ahah. lots of love xoxo

  2. i NEED a new coat/jacket because I completely agree they just change everything up...just finding the right one is the prob?! also love what I see of your room, giving me inspo for my uni decor. Love the gap year goals, can't wait to see more vids and also you're going to Australia?!! jel!! nd if you ever fancy a weekend in Oxford hmu. hope the gap goes well, what an exciting time!!!! (deffs didnt feel like it this time last year but in hindsight it is the most liberatingly free thing ever, relish in it) xox

  3. Everything looks so cute!!! I'm in loveee

  4. Aagh i'm a bit late but... wow you have such a beautiful collection of outerwear! I'm not even jealous


thank you x