travel diary: amsterdam

I'm sorry guys I've been appalling at blogging and commenting recently, I have 0 excuses too. All I've been doing is chilling and playing the Mamma Mia soundtrack lol. Might just run away to Greece.

Whist we were away on our Europe trip, we inevitably did a lot of reading and research for each place we visited. We read about lots of from the Lonely Planet Guides (the app is free and you can download mini travel guides for cities, would 10/10 recommend) and travel blogs; but sometimes the best places you find are the ones you stumble across. I wanted to document some of our favourite spots in a 'travel diary' format so you guys can check out some of these places, and I wont forgot them for next time lol.
Regrettably, I've always slightly overlooked Amsterdam as a city. Much like going out, going to Amsterdam seems to be a rite of passage when you turn eighteen around where I live, and I'm not particularly interested in going on holiday just to get off my face. That being said, in recent months my interest in visiting had grown, and with our Eurostar ticket only costing £29 we made it our first stop.

I fell head over heels in love with Amsterdam. There is something so beautiful about the combination of the canals, perfectly crocked houses and the constant rush of bicycles; even if they did pose a threat when crossing the roads. Needless to say, the whole time we were there I felt like I was living out another life where I was a Dutch blogger who drank Artisan coffee everyday. ( I got mistaken for being Dutch a few times and oh what a compliment lol.) I felt so at home and comfortable in Amsterdam, it's a place I could definitely imagine moving to when I'm older.


The Dutch are just the most stylish, so I was ridiculously excited about the prospect of shopping. I follow a fair few Dutchies on Instagram ( Bentheliem, Claartjerose, Stephanie Broek), so coming up to our trip I was noting some of the best places to shop. I also discovered that the Dutch thrift scene is pretty big, so we had a great time at flea markets and thrift shops. These were some of our favourite places:

De 9 Straatjes- "the 9 little streets"
If you've been to Amsterdam before, you've probably walked these streets without realising. The nine streets is a small 'neighbourhood' consisting of the best vintage, boutique and coffee shops. It is authentically Amsterdam.  I fell in love with every shop window and every coffee shop.

Notable shops:
-Episode Vintage
-Love Stories Intimates
-Ace and Tate
-The Darling

Waterlooplein Market
There are many, many flea markets in Amsterdam (obviously) but the one we stumbled across was Waterlooplein Market.
When I'm doing a city break, I love to do a bus (boat) tour. It's a travel habit I'm kinda embarrassed by, but you get the lay of the land so well and get to learn lots of random facts. Anyway, we were super hot on the boat so decided to hop off at the floating flower market stop. Coincidently the flower market is right next to the flea market. The market was amazing to say the least. We found some great stalls where people were selling second hand clothes ridiculously cheap, I bagged a Fred Perry polo shirt for 3 euros. If I could do it again, I'd take an empty suitcase just for clothes.

As the cheapskates we are, we tended to stay at our Airbnb and cook there rather than eating out, that being said we did go for drinks and coffee very regularly.

LOUIS- Berenstraat 6, 1016 GH Amsterdam, Netherlands
A really cute bar on the Canal with fab beer and wine. We sat on the Canal overlooking the water which was so lovely.

COFFEECOMPANY- Berenstraat 6, 1016 GH Amsterdam, Netherlands
This was one of my favourite coffee spots. Situated in The 9 Streets, we sat outside on the pavement drinking our flat whites. There was a really nice feel to it, and I believe they do vegan pastries.

Unfortunately I've had problems finding the names etc of other places we went to:( That being said, we also went to a lot of Hostel Bars as they were always pretty cheap and a great place to meet people.

Amsterdam is full of art, history and culture. As I mentioned, we started our stay by doing a boat tour to learn a little bit more about the city etc. It's such a great way to see the city and feels so good to be on the water. try booking online as it was cheaper. Here were some of our favourite things to do, both toursity and not. 
-Banksy Exhibtion at the Moco Museum (on until Jan 2019)
-Parks (Vondelpark, Westerpark) 
-Visit to the Red Light District and Sex Museum 
-Floating flower market
-Anne Frank House (we didn't actually get to go, but were staying nearby so saw the outside)

I hope this little guide is helpful if any of you are planning on visiting or are. I love doing these kind of posts as it urges me to remember some of the little details from our trip. Hope you are all well too,
lots of love,
lexie xo


  1. Ahh I loved this! Gal you look so gorg!! I remember going to Episode vintage the first time I visited Amsterdam and I fell in looove! This made me so so excited to visit Amsterdam in the near future!! Zoe xo

    1. Thanks my love!! Omg isn't it so cool, I wanted to buy everything:( xo

  2. Amsterdam looks beautiful, and also I just have to say, you're so pretty as well!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

  3. Now that eurostar has started going to Amsterdam, I'm more and more tempted to visit- it's so close it'd be rude not to haha. I can definitely see you living in a place like Amsterdam (or even Stockholm)

    Dalal // dalaltahira.com

    1. You would love it, its so your aesthetic! Omg that would be the dream <3

  4. As always your pics and outfits are insane and u always seem to find the best places when you're away?? (I remember trying to desperately recreate your Berlin trip when I was there lmao). I had this v surreal moment when I was in Amsterdam of like "shit, it actually ALL looks like this?!" and I couldnt comprehend that a whole city could be that aesthetic. I'm so excited for the rest of the holiday pics xox

    1. Ahaha ahh I feel like we missed out on loads of stuff though, gonna have to go again lol. I know its so strange, it feels a bit like a toy town? Especially in the really touristy bits! xox

  5. such gorgeous photos!! I wanna go!! xx

  6. Love how you describe Amsterdam and it does look beautiful!

    I have checked De 9 Straatjes- "the 9 little streets" and it absolutely will be in my list if I have chance to visit.
    Never heard about The Lonely Planet Guides App before but it does sounds very useful!

    Glad you had a great time there x


    1. Thank you, it was so gorgeous! I think you'd love it in De 9 Straatjes, lots of boutiques and cool shops! xo

  7. Went to amsterdam last year and missing it dearly after seeing your post - such cool photos! Hoe you had an amazing time x
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

  8. Amsterdam is a fab city, I really want to go back and explore more during spring/summer as when we went it was November and freezing! Thanks for sharing :)



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