Highs and Lows #1

kinda a cheat photo bc this was from a few weeks ago at pride lol, also just realised my two pals at the front look like twins!!!

I saw this post on another blog, and thought it was such a good idea to summarise each week, kinda like a brief diary entry. My more personal posts come a lot more sporadically on here, sometimes I dig them and love writing about my life and other times I literally couldn't think of anything worse. This seems like the perfect balance, I don't have to ramble but I can recap for myself ( and you guys) what's been happening.
Also I am sooo indecisive with my fuckin blog template!! I cant decide what I'm going for. I need to not be so indecisive in life!! Just gonna blame it on being a gemini.

-Getting tipsy on a Monday night and stargazing with my friends, we saw 12 shooting stars it was truly magical.
-Seeing lots of friends and getting 'crunk, it's been a boozy week..
-Deciding to make veggie chilli nachos and have an open air screening of The Greatest Showman in my garden.
-Spending time with my family out on a boat (not our boat, none of us like sailing lol)
-I've rediscovered baths which has been amazing, I'm a shower kind of person.
-Finally finding this gorgeous laptop sleeve online, I saw it in a small shop in Amsterdam but I couldn't remember the brand. I found it tho, and it's going on my Christmas list (if it comes back into stock..)
-I got a frickin job!!! I've had interviews and trial shifts everyywhere, but on Saturday I bagged an interview working in the lingerie department at M&S. I'm going to be trained to fit bras too..
-music wise been absolutely loving these '80's covers,' you've probably seen him on fb.
-Been loving PAQ on Youtube this week too.
-Also Youtube keeps recommending me this song, and I finally listened and its so good!

-Getting upset about my current unemployed status, I'm being so picky with choosing a job and keep turning them down (I've been writing this post throughout this week and had a little smile when I saw this)
-Not being able to buy anything bc of my current income of £0. Materialistic as heck, but I miss not being able to buy people/myself things. It's good to have a break though I guess.
-Hangovers lol
-Missing Archie as he's away and I haven't seen him in the longest time.
-Feeling a bit bummed by blogging, I want to be more dedicated to it but always struggle with getting the right photos etc. I also hate taking photos of myself but love doing original outfit posts. It's such a mess. Archies also on holibobs with the camera which has all the 'proper gd' pics from when we were in Europe, so the other travel guides have had to wait.

Anyway, I hope you guys have enjoyed this scrambled together post. It's quite fun to go back to over the week. I think this is something I can keep up too, it's not terribly demanding so when I cba to write I can whip this up.
Love you all, happy Sunday!!
lexie xo


  1. This was the cutest lil post I adore it, I remember I started doing weekly round ups at the start of the year and fully wish I'd carried on!! May be I'll try again!x
    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Thank u b!! Yes defo give it a go again! xo

  2. awww I loved this post, such a good idea to just get all the emotions from the week out. OMG stargazing sounds dreamy as fuck, so jel! And Yass g, congrats on the new job! It's so stressful trying jobs out, getting interviews, wanting money but not being bothered to work and the whole shabang lol. The last picture of the grass and the trees is really beautiful and dream-like, those kind of landscapes make me feel so nostalgic for some reason? Much love xoxo

    1. Tyy! Think it will be so good to look back on and reflect!! Yesss it was amazingg! Thank you, it was just a quick snap I took on a walk but completely get what you mean about it being nostalgic, the sky etc too! Hope you're well, missing your blog posts!! xox

  3. I love this blog idea, I'm such a sucker for personal posts (reading nd writing) mostly because I love seeing where I was at that point in my life and what I was up to. The thrill of getting drunk on week days will never leave nd your outdoor screening of greatest showman looks so cute!! YAY that you got a job, hopefully that can calm any gap year stresses AND you can justify buying again (which, although I agree materialistic, its kinda shit when you see all these things you really want but can't bring yourself to buy). Hangovers sure are the worst but (mostly) the fun the night before makes up for it! Hope youre enjoying the last of summer xox

    1. Yes thats my fav thing about them too! Thank youuu, I really cant wait to be working again (which is something I didn't think I'd be saying..) hope the last of your summer is going ok and that Paris was fab!! xox

  4. I love this post idea, I might steal it some time! I'm glad you got a job, I got so bummed out when I was unemplyed- I hope you have fun at M&S, I'm already jealous of the discount you'll get and the fact you'll be trained to measure bras, I'd love to know more about boobs aka my boobs and what size they are and what bras suit me best lol. x


thank you x