books I've loved this month

Ok so the title lies. I didn't read all of these books in a month. I read four out of six of them in a month. But thats pretty good going for a slow reader heh?
One of my new years resolutions was to read more. I love reading. I love holding a book and the feeling of being submersed into another world. However saying that, studying English and school in general really put a strain on our relationship. After a well needed break, I'm pleased to say our relationship has been rekindled and we're back stronger. </3

On a more serious note, does any one do a book club or know of any online? I'd love to get involved in something similar. Hmu.


I was given this book for my birthday by Archie's (my boyfriend) family. It's a short novel that details his Grandmother's upbringing in India and her experience as a refugee in Burma. It follows her escape from Burma and the utterly heartbreaking effects that both the journey (a seventy-two mile walk through jungle), and the war had on their family. 
I believe novellas like Maude's are soo important in capturing the way in which war has, and continues to affect individuals. It puts a face to the victims of these conflicts, and highlights the realities of war. 
Archie's family on his mothers side are Anglo-Indian, a minority group that arose during Colonialism. With the number of Anglo-Indians dropping significantly, it makes it even more important to document and record their history.  


You've probably heard extracts from this essay in a certain iconic song.  bow down bitches. 
This short essay which is based of Adichie's TedxTalk, is fabulously written and relevant as always. It addresses the negative connotations that come with feminism and the struggle of calling yourself a feminist in a society that still stereotypes feminists as man-hating radicals. The essay is written not to intimidate the reader, but to inform and educate them. It quite simply explains why we should all be feminists lol. I would recommend watching the TedTalk too though because Adichie speaks with such conviction, which I lost at parts in my own voice. 

I read this a few months ago, and you've probably all read it too by now. The novel is probably one of the most beautiful coming of age novels I've ever read. It's beautifully heartbreaking, if that is thing? It captures the raw sense of first love and lust, all set in the beautiful Italian Riviera. I struggled at times with it, and it did take me a while to read but it is ultimately one of my favourite reads this year. And the film is great too.

I picked this up in a book shop in Berlin after I finished the book below. I regrettably have never read any of Zadie Smiths work, but have heard soo much about her. I could only choose one book because of space and was deciding between NW and the infamous White Teeth. I went with NW because the cover was funky (no shame I judged it) and the storyline was intriguing.
It's got very mixed reviews, lets just say that.
As an intro to Smith's writing it probably wasn't the best choice, however I still loved the style of writing and the way in which it captures social observations. It observes the realities of London, showing London for what it is and why we love it.
That being said, it was written in a very fragmented way and didn't flow too well. I knew the writing style was going to be contemporary, but I struggled keeping up at places. I read a review on Goodreads that wrote, "At times I couldn't put it down but at other times I struggled to pick it back up." And I wholeheartedly agree. There wasn't much of a plot to it either, which I often don't mind in books, but once the plot did get going I wanted more.


Omg this book.
It is incredible. The book recounts Albertine's life at the forefront of the punk movement and her days in the band 'The Slits.'  It is so gritty, it genuinely gives me the shivers thinking about it; good shivers that is lol. I can't tell you the last time I felt this affected by a book. As I read and turned each page, I felt as if I was right there with her, reliving the best and worst moments of her life. Albertine is so vulnerable in places, but I think this ultimately this makes it so easy to relate to her as a woman. I love this book and I love Viv Albertine.


I'm currently reading this book which is a parody of "The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up." 
It's a really great lighthearted read, which ultimately offers some great advice if you're a bit of a people pleaser like me #shameless. I am getting a bit tired of the word fuck by now though. I found it refreshing and funny at first, but now it just feels a little bit past the joke. That being said I stand by the solid belief that you shouldn't let what others think of you define what you think of yourself.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, it's a little bit different to my usual style but I loved writing it.

-lexie xo 


  1. omg sounds like some fab books on this list, 'why we should all be feminists' I for sure need to read. I've been reluctant to read Zadie Smith's works after hearing such mixed reviews and I never know how I feel about contemporary writing styles, I find they can sometimes lose the plot??? After a good run with reading on holiday i feel like I've hit a bit of a wall but this has given me a few suggestions to get back into it!!x

    1. Yes, defo give it a read!! Yeah I find that so often, but I always get stuck reading the same style of books? I guess if it ain't broke dont fix it ahah xox

  2. I think I may give 'Clothes, Music, Boys' a go! I've been reading this collection of short stories called 'You think it, I'll say it' and although some are really strange, they're perfect short reads and leave you thinking (or confused lol) I'm looking to read The Lido soon as so many people have said that it leaves you longing for London in the summer which sounds like the perfect way to avert my post-holiday blues when I'm back haha.

    Dalal // dalaltahira.com

    1. Yes you have too, its such a good book!! Oh I think I'll have a look at those, needing a new read!! xox

  3. Yasss g, thanks for sharing! I totally get you about Zadie Smith's writing style? I have seen and heard mixed reviews about her books which has refrained me from picking one up which is a bit hypocritical tbf. I know she has just come out with a new collection of essays though. It's called 'FEEL FREE' - it sounds very different and interesting. 'Clothes, Music, Boys' sounds pretty good - I may have to give it a go! I'm probably wrong, but it kinda reminds me of the aura of this book I have yet to read called 'HOW TO BE FAMOUS' by Caitlin Moran. 'Burma and Beyond' also sounds like an amazing read too!!

    1. Yeah defo! Feel Free looks so good and v different, I saw it in the book shop in Berlin and was tempted to get it but its such a big book lol! My friend said that!! I haven't read 'How to be Famous' but lovee Catlin Moran!! xo

  4. This is my second time to see the last book's title today. At first, I thought it was a book by Marie Kondo but when I reached the end of the title, it was obviously not. I might consider reading Sarah's book if I avail a copy. I envy you for reading plenty of books within a month while I'm here haven't read any. Ugh.

    Augustin Ra | Indie Spirit


thank you x