shorts: depop (orginally zara)
top: old topshop but Jimi Hendrix <3
shoes: Depop (Urban outfitters) 
Sunglasses: Rayban 

Afternoon guys!! It's been a while since I did a classic self timer outfit post, but I thought it was about time. These shorts arrived this morning (finally) from depop and I could not be happier. They're slightly snagged in places, but they have the cutest fit everrrr. For a tenner I cant complain.
I'm stressing my brains out a bit on what to take with me around Europe..
I'm a very light packer but considering the different places we're going I'm freaking out. In Amsterdam and Berlin I wanna (attempt) to rock that cool-girl Scandi look; but when we're in Naples I want to tie a headscarf in my hair and ignorantly hold a cigarette.*
Whats a girl to do eh, how do you find a style and stick to it? I am beyond excited to go thrift shopping though, I think Naples will be incredible (I hear those Italian's have banging charity shops) and I cant wait to go back to this amazing thrift shop we found in Berlin last time.

I hope you've all been enjoying your summers and the warm weather!! The last two photos are from a cycle ride my friends and I went on to the pub. It was such a gorgeous sunset over the water. Plus how cool is that car??
Lots of love,
lexie x

*I don't smoke fyi, but sometimes those ladies on Tumblr look so cool. 


  1. Aww these photos are so lovely, I love the vintage-y glow. The shorts are such a great summer find omgg. Deleted depop from my life bc it was eating out all of my funds but ugh you do find some gems. Have fun in Europe!!! It'd be great to see all of the different styles/looks you choose to rock in each city...

    1. Thank youu! I'm literally so impressed with them! I brought them on a bit of a whim and haven't taken them off yet. I need to do the same I think, I just cant stop on depop... Thank you my love xox

  2. You're so lucky to go on a trip through Europe, I'd love to go somewhere around here as well, but I am a little short on free-time at work. I like the shorts and your sunglasses.

  3. such a cute look love the shorts!! gal do some outfit posts from your travels!

    Tasha xx

  4. Agree, this stripes pants is the cutest fit ever! Match well with the band shirt :)
    Oh and I love all of the photos you take x



thank you x