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the kinda place I'd live if I had an abundance of wealth, imagine having your morning coffee on that balcony. 

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Guys. I've found Pinterest. And I love it. I've never really got the hype before, so idk where this love has come from. Nevertheless, I've got boards on bloody everything. I found the 'Verge Girl' pinterest page and have been pinning everything. 
Anyway, somewhere along this Pinterest journey I found a bit of a love for interiors. Don't get me wrong I appreciate good Feng Shui, but pinterest has got me so excited for having my own space, even though it'll be about a million years before I do....A girl can dream. 
I'm currently in the midst of last minute organising for when we go away, we're going hand luggage so I am mega stressed about what to take. Like what am I gonna do about conditioner?!! Atm I'm thinking about taking a solid shampoo and conditioner with me, has anyone tried them?

Hope you're all having a great Sunday,
Lexie xo


  1. Pinterest is my fave thing evaaa, I feel like such a granny when I admit that but man its so inspiring and aesthetic. I love the shabby/flora/grandeur aesthetic of these pics, I can totally envisage your future house hahaha. AH have the best hol, I'm super jel X

    1. It is, right?? Oooh cant wait to have my own house aha! Thank you Katie! xox

  2. Omg the 8th pic with the tiled floors. I love how these images can literally conjure up the most intense feelings about life, the future, etc. It's actually deep. 😂 All i can think about is how much money I'd need to fulfil these fantasies. But nevertheless they are soo good for inferior design inspo! I loove browsing on tumblr on interior blogs, it's so so satisfying, even though it's gonna be, like u said, a million years before it can become a possibility - especially without something mad like winning the lottery to aid it. Life. Also, my sister has been banging on about Pintrest for ages and it does look amazing, but Ive never brought myself to make an account. I've just started tumblr-ing again so i feel like that is a substitute? But i might actually give it a go - I can imagine pinning can become quite addictive tho!

    1. It so does!! I knowwww, we can dream aha, money is just money though!! Omg you gotta get pinterest!! I'm such a Tumblr advocate, like a user from day one, but pinterest is soo great.xxx


thank you x