photo is so irrelevant, but is from Seville a few years back. 

It's been a hot minute.
How are you all?
I feel like this happens far too often, but I'm back again from a break. Life has been RIDICULOUSLY busy. I was struggling so much to balance college with work, blogging, life.
It all kind of happens at once doesn't it?
Nonetheless, college is finished as of Tuesday and I cannot believe how fast this year has gone. As with that I've also left my bar job. It was so much fun, but I have enough money to keep me going for a bit, and I need a little bit of time to breathe.
So I'm free!! Time to fill you in I suppose?

College has been stressful but amazing. I finally finished my jacket and am super happy with the outcome. Within my topic, I explored the relationship we have with technology creating a menswear jacket inspired by circuit boards, technology and addiction. We had to make a blog about the process, sorry guys been cheating on you, and you read about that here.
some images of my jacket on joel. 
I've also been planning my Europe trip. We're heading off at the end of June to Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Naples and Dubrovnik. It's been a faf getting all the accommodation sorted but we're nearly done! Just have to book Dubrovnik. I'm planning on blogging and photographing the whole trip to share with you all, maybe doing a few posts about what I take and places we like. I'm going to try and take my film camera with me to get some cool shots too; I'm craving the adventure and all those gorgeous images we're yet to take.

I had a birthday! On the 6th June I turned 19. It was very underwhelming. 18 was such a crazy birthday with so many celebrations, that this year just didn't feel like my birthday. It also didn't help that my birthday fell on the day of my final exhibition at college so I spent the day setting up for that:/
I'll do a post about things I received for my birthday, it was mainly just bits and bobs but I wont spoil it for you all;).

Now I've finally got all this free time, I wanna step up my game.  I always go on about youtube but it's something I do want to pursue. I guess now I'm finally on my gap yarr, I can put some ideas and plans into motion. I'm completely putting aside personal statements and the reality of actually getting my shit together, but not doing anything academic for a year is sounding blissful right now.

I hope you're all fabulous,
lexie xox


  1. Finishing college is such a relievment. I'm so jealous of your gap year, I wish i took one before i went to university but Ill soon be traveling when I finish third year next year. I cant wait to see all your fun posts from your trip around Europe! It's going to be a great experience xx


    1. I think it's so important to travel, no matter when you go!! I can't wait to be there xxx

  2. omg ur jacket n other blog are soooo cute. i love seeing all the dedication n work u put in it. congrats on finishing a year of school! looking forward to seeing ur travel posts n whatever else ur gap year will bring <3

    a fucking look

    1. Ty my love!! So relieved to have finally finished xox

  3. yeeey you're back!!!! I hope the final bits for college went well and you're basking in the euphoria of finishing! You're trip sounds amazing, I can't WAIT to see all the pics and hear all about it-same with your gap year which I know will make me want to redo mine hahaha. Also HAPPY BELATED BDAY <33

    1. Thank you Katie!! Loving this new found freedom. I'm so excited to be away, I wanna go now.. Can't wait to hear all about your summer too! xxxx

  4. Omg happy belated!!! Your jacket looks amazing, wow. Also yessss to the Europe trip, it sound absolutely fab, I can just imagine the feeling of freedom, especially knowing you'll be on a gap year too!! Ahh all the best b!! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank youu gal!! Yes I cannot wait, it feels like al the shitty bar work and late nights is finally paying off. I hope you're well, lots of love xoxo

  5. love your jacket and all the photos and work behind it! So cool!! Cant wait to see what you get up to in your gap year

    Tasha xxx

  6. Your birthday is the 6th?? I turned 19 just 3 days after you!! haha happy birthday to us both.
    Your jacket actually looks so stylish n I love it, excited to see photos n posts from ur Europe trip!

  7. This jacket is sooooo well-made and cool and it does look expensive.
    Well done you!
    And happy belated birthday x



thank you x