rethinking my inital judgement of the skin tint.
Wearing only Glossier: Skin Tint, Wowder, Generation G in Jam and Boy Brow. 

This isn't sponsored fyi, but you know I could do with a collaboration.

I'm a little, teeny bit obsessed with Glossier. 
Our affair began with the purchase of the Milky Jelly Cleanser, and I can't hide it anymore.
When they released in the UK in October, the excitement was reeeal. Glossier's image addresses the kind of the girl we all wanna be; the kind of girl with a dewey glow who just rocked up out of bed. Their whole ethos is built on celebrating what you have, not making up for what you don't have.
And lets not get started on their packaging either, for someone who finds makeup a bit of a daunting prospect, when makeup comes in a pink zip lock bag with stickers, it's all good baby.

I unfortunately can't afford to max out my card and buy all their products, however since their UK launch my collection has slowly grown. I've mainly stuck to exploring my go to products, and haven't yet explored products like Cloud Paint or Lidstar. However, now I've got my staples down to a T I'm going to give you a little break down of the products I love, and ones I'm less keen on.

Milky Jelly Cleanser:
This was my first introduction into Glossier, and boy what a way to start. I hit it off pretty well with the cleanser, and really love both the smell and texture of it. It has a light rose-y scent and isn't too overwhelming either. Although I adore how refreshing this product is on my skin, I wouldn't necessary recommend it for removing makeup. I find it works well at removing light powder etc, but as soon as you get it on that mascara, it's gonna take a bit of work. After some trial and error, I've concluded to using it in conjunction with my micellar water.

Perfecting Skin Tint: 
Unfortunately, this was a bit of a miss for me. And it was £20.. I know of people who get on really well with the skin tint, but it definitely doesn't mix too well with my slightly drier skin type. I got this in light and the colour was too light for me, even in the depths of winter.  It has super light coverage and is great for layering, but I find it sticks to my dry patches really weirdly. That being said, I did just have a go with layering the Skin Tint with Wowder, and damn my skin looks fab!? I've completely concealed my tan however, so maybe I need to try it in a medium.

Boy Brow: 
Boy Brow is my holy grail product. Where would I be without it? The first time I tried this product, my brows were needing a tint and a wax. As soon as I gave this a go, I didn't look back and actually haven't touched my brows since. It is incredibleee. It holds my brows in place after using other products, and looks fab on its own. 'nuff said: everyone should own it.

Wowder is the newest addition to my makeup bag. For years I've been using a NYX powder after applying my makeup to set it and add a bit more coverage. As per, I can never ever get the right colour so it was always too dark. Wowder has been really great, blending super well into my skin. Again, it has light coverage, but the first time I went out just wearing it someone asked why my skin looks so good? That never happens.

Generation G lip tints: 
This was a product I was insanely excited about trying. I love lipstick. I wear it all day, everyday and don't leave the house without it. That being said, I was getting so fed up of my lips drying out, marks on my glasses etc. Glossier hit the nail on the head with this product. They apply really easy and give your lips a natural tint, like you were blessed with rose coloured lips. I think there was defo a gap in the market for this product and at such an affordable price you cant go wrong. Currently I own these in Jam and Leo. Regrettably I haven't worn Leo as much as I had hoped to. I don't own many brown lip colours so wanted to give it a go, it does give a really natural colour but I've just gotta wear it more. Jam however is a staple. Those of you who know me know I always wear either a red or pink colour on the reg. This is my new fav. It gives the perfect light tint and is super long lasting.

I hope this has been helpful to some of you! I know a lot of my friends have been asking for my opinion on their products so this will be a fab little overview. For all my vegan lovers, I would defo say to check the info of each product. Despite them being 100% cruelty free, not all their products are vegan.
Lots of love,
Lexie x


  1. this brand sounds so good, I might try some of these products now!!

    Tasha xx

  2. It's like you've read my mind with this post because I was just thinking of making an order to try their new cloud paint and boy brow! I've been so obsessed with blush since August and have wanted to try cloud paint for the longest time but I was always worried that they wouldn't show up on my skin tone, especially in the summer but their new shades look so amazing and pigmented. The boy brow looks so good on your brows, I definitely am going to cave and try it out. As well as the 'lipsticks'- I do love the look of Leo too

    Dalal // dalaltahira.com

    1. No way!Yess I really wanna try the cloud paint, it looks so gorgeous. Boy Brow is the one, it literally works wonders!! Let me know what you think about it, hope you're doing well xx

  3. I've toyed with buying glossier for ages, I never really know where to start when I get on the website and don't wanna spend money and not like it...but I think you've convinced me! The lip tints sound amazing (even though i rarely wear lip products...I guess a gal can learn?!) and I'm so into the idea of their birthday cake balm dot com (mostly just because of the glittery packaging lmao) xox

    1. Ooh I think you'd love Glossier!! It's v you. Omg I know it looks soo good, and I've heard great things about it aha xxx

  4. I really need to try some of their products!! May have to try the boy brow, it sounds easy an quick and I need that!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Yes, would 100% recommend it! Such a game changer xox

  5. I like that the Glossier makeup comes in a pink zip lock bag!.
    I think a lot of people miss a bit on skin tint. I know my own skin tint changes depending on the season and how much sunlight I've gotten. I like that the Glossier products are cruelty free and that you suggest checking the ingredients to see if they're vegan as well. I watched your video £150 Worth of Glossier: Whats Worth It | Lexie Alexandra - YouTube. You look fabulous in it!
    Best wishes for a fabulous year ahead!



thank you x