what i've been

I've got some cool posts planned, but I feel like it's important not to jump ahead and fill you all in with what I've been up to. 

what i've been doing-
In short, I've been trying to get ahead of my Final Major Project in my art foundation, which is proving to be very taxing. My final grade is decided based on this project, so the pressure is on.. Part of the project is to make a blog where we can document our progress and work developments; so I will share that with you all when I can.
I've also been working at the weekends in order to fund my travels this summer; which I'm proud to say we've finally booked! I'm going with Archie, and we've decided so do a lil inter-plane (calling it this bc it's baso interrailing...) around Europe. We're starting in Amsterdam then going to Berlin, Budapest, Naples and Dubrovnik! So it should be a fun little adventure.
Other than that, I've been enjoying a lil downtime from it all. I find the weeks go by so fast, and plans and ideas don't happen sometimes. I often get down about that so I'm trying to just play it by ear for the most part, embracing whatever comes my way. I've been loving easter and having friends home too.
On Easter Sunday Dalal, Katie, Libby and I all met in Brighton for a little day out! It was such a great day, and so amazing to meet them all from behind the screen. It's been such beautiful thing making friends through blogging, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have met so many amazing people on this platform.  From the beginning of my blogging journey in 2012, six years ago (wtf!! I'm planning on making a post in July to commemorate 6 years, and fish out some gems from some of the first posts I did. It's about to get all nostalgic up in here.) I was able to find a community of people, and although that community has changed throughout the years, with people stopping blogging etc; it genuinely amazes me everyday that I've been able to make such incredible connections with people I've never met.

On another note, something I've been particularly interested and inspired by is this wave of minimalism that seems to be hugely popular at the moment. I'm a mega hoarder, but for a while now I've been trying to reduce the possessions I own down. I love the idea of just being completely free to move, travel and be. The things I'm struggling with the most to cut down on is books. Like a lot of people I get highly attached to books. I'm terrible at re-reading books though so I know it's something that I could in theory get rid of. Also my 'minimalism' doesn't extend to my wardrobe: I know that is a downfall of mine though lol. If you're interested in following this journey of mine let me know and I'll try and do some posts about it.

some bloggers/ instagrammers who live a minimal lifestyle:
Jinti Fell: adore her beautiful family, and her van life videos)

Plantifulsoul (Claire Michelle): find her writing  pretentious ngl, a lot of it sounds like her life is super hard but she travels with a backpack between Hawaii and Aus, and seems to be in waterfalls and at the beach 24/7.

 I guess it's all relative though, and I do find it inspiring that she has so little.

Joshua Fields Milburn and Ryan Nicodemus: The OG's of minimalism. If this is something you're interested in I would defo encourage you to check their Minimalism documentary out on Netflix.

Jusuf: I adore her videos at the moment and find her general lifestyle is perhaps more relatable, yet still aspirational.

Kristen Leo: Ethical fashion warrior and my ultimate girl crush. Not sure if she's minimal by title (does it matter idk), but I adore everything she stands for and her general lifestyle.

what i've been reading/watching-
Currently I'm reading Call Me By Your Name, and I'm nearly finished! I'm super excited to watch the film once I am finished too ahh. Once I've finished it, I plan to read Wonder. I have no idea if it will be my kind of book but I'll see. If anyone has any quick reads they'd recommend pls let me know.

I've also been reading a lot of articles on Plastic and pollution as it is something I'm deeply passionate about. It is particularly exciting to see the world wake up to these issues that we have known are toxic and regressive for so long. My work now has biodegradable straws which is cool, and Spoons of all places have paper straws! It's progress people.

I have been lovinggg Queer Eye, it's iconic. I watched the whole season in about 2 days. It's such a spin on the traditional makeover show and I would defo recommend. On Sunday nights, my family and I sit down to watch The Durrels. It's become kind of a tradition and I look forward to it every Sunday.
I also started watching The Assassination of Gianni Versace, but after four eps I couldn't watch it anymore. It's a pretty disturbing series, in terms of the violence etc, and I found I was getting pretty shitty dreams. I really enjoyed The People of OJ Simpson, which is directed and produced by the same people, but I just didn't gel with Versace. 

what i've been listening to-
I have been lovinggg Podcasts recently! I've written a post that will be out soon featuring a few I've been loving, so I wont spoil it for you here.

Music wise, I'm feeling so ready for summer so have been listening to a lot of Sticky Fingers, King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizzard, Lord Echo, George Ezra's new album (which I lovee) and a bit of Bombay Bicycle Club. 

I've also been loving old school Kanye atm too, he has some bangers. 

what i want-
There's not a lot I want at the moment. I'm feeling pretty satisfied. I did just do a big depop order tho, so that could have something to do with it. I would like a pair of platform trainers tho (like white Superga's..)
I do really want longer hair and for the roots to come through more too, but that will come with time.

what i've been anticipating-
I'm anticipating working harder towards my final major project and the late, stressful nights I'll no doubt endure.

I'm not looking forward to when September rolls around and I'll have to find a full time job and start the uni application process. And interviews. I hate interviews. But at the moment, I'm just enjoying the now.

Anyway, theres a little update on my life and what I'm doing. I hope you guys are all good!!
love, lexie



  1. love thisss. I don't know if you've heard of the Pick Up Limes before? But it was founded by this woman called Sadia and her youtube videos are literally like therapy. They're so calming, short and sweet and she talks a lot about minimalism, tips for living a more minimal life, veganism and just being happy and healthy. She's so so amazing so check her out on youtube @PickUpLimes! Also, WONDER is an amazing amazing book! Lol read it with a box of tissues beside you tho. Ahhh good luck with your final major project - my sis who does an art foundation is also going through the stress of it all haha. Can't wait to hear more about it! Also, yasss for the holiday, it sounds like it'll be so goood! Defo hit up one of the ruin bars when you go to Budapest!! Much lovee <3

    1. Oh I haven't heard of Pick Up Limes before, but will have a look now! They sound like the perfect videos. Thank you my love, it's all super intense at the moment ahah. Ooh will have to check them out! xox

  2. I so wish I'd have read Call Me By Your Name before I watch the film but I'll still definitely make time to read it, the film is beautiful you will adore it! Your summer plans sound incredible, I've always wanted to go loads of places like that so I hope you have the best time. Some of the songs on your playlist are my all time favourites, Always like this by bombay has been a long time fave!! Your music picks are so up my street, love this post!x

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Ahh I cannot wait to watch it! Thank you I'm so excited to explore Europe, I haven't seen a great deal of despite it being so close! Omg such a good song!! xox

  3. I love reading your take on the "what I've been..." post series, I have my sixth one going up super soon which is crazy to think about. I'm going to sound like a broken record but it was so so lovely to spend the day with you, Katie and Libby in Brighton- I was left (very tired) but super content. Jusuf is one of my favourite youtubers, you should check out her friend Nae's channel too- they make living in Switzerland look even more amazing and I love their minimalist approach to everything whilst making it seem super accessible too. Let me know your thoughts on CMBYN, I'm clearly a huge fan!

    Dalal / dalaltahira.com

    1. It's such a genius post idea, it's such a great way to quickly fill people in! Cant wait to read it! It was such an amazing day, feel so lucky to have met you all! Ooh I'll check her out! I love her whole lifestyle! xox

  4. I always love these update posts, its so fun to check in with everyone's lives and assess where you are at that point. Your interplane travelling sounds like SO much fun and its giving me such wanderlust, Budapest was my favourite place on our interrail adventures last year, so much so we're going back this summer. We went to Zadar in Croatia and it was so beautiful (imagine beating sun and glistening turquoise water, the literal dream) and Dubrovnik looks even more beautiful. When you finally book those trips away it makes all the laborious hours of work seem worthwhile. Let me know what you think of the film version of Call Me by Your Name and how you think it tallies up with the book, there are some really interesting differences. I really enjoyed wonder when I read it a few years ago and deffs need to see the film! Also I'm loving George Ezra's new album too, its giving me such summer vibes ahh. Hope your final major project goes well!!!xx

    1. I know same, I love reading them! No way, that's so good to hear, I'm super excited for Budapest. Ahh Croatia looks incredible too, I cant wait. Yes, I defo will, I'm so excited to watch it!! It's such a good album right?!! xox

  5. Enjoy travelling Europe! I did some backpacking around in 2016 and it was literally the most refreshing experience I've had so far.. And of course make sure to capture and blog the experience! :)

    1. Thank you! I bet, I can't wait to see some new places. I defo will be aha xo

  6. I love reading these types of posts and I didn't realise you were doing an art foundation so that is so cool and I wish you the best of luck with your final major project :). Book wise I would so recommend When Breath Becomes Air if you haven't read it already, I read it so quickly it was incred :) Your travelling sounds so exciting, there's so much to look forward to! Also good choice of music with Rex Orange Country ;) x


    1. Thank you, this years going so fast and I still have so much to do on my course aha! Ooh I'll give it a read, thanks for the recomendation. Yess love Rex Orange County!! x

  7. this post is such a cute way to catch up with u!!! good luck on final projects, im sure u'll do great n i wish u the best on ur summer trip <3

    a fucking look

  8. Oh my god, Naples!! I blooming love Naples and I can already tell you're going to get some great photos of all the little lanes there and I'm already excited to see your photos. Good luck with your final project btw, I'm excited to see the blog you had to make for it. Also, I loved 'Wonder' it is a really heartwarming read and the film is also lovely (although I did cry throughout the entirety of the film and I did cry quite a bit at the book). I really need some light easy reads at the moment but can't find anything I feel that interested in. Good luck with the rest of your month Lexie, excited for your future posts!(especially the podcast one, I need some more podcasts). (also, I've literally had King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard on repeat lately, alongside Rex Orange County).x

    1. Ngl I was defo swayed by what you said about it and your photos!! Ahah it looks like a bit of a tear-jerker, but sometimes the best books are! Thank you my love, hope the rest of your month goes smoothly. Ah don't they both give me such summery vibess! xo


thank you x