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Recently I've found myself listening to a lot of podcasts. It's something I've previously dismissed (Idk why?) but have found myself drawn to when doing art, editing and sewing. I find myself getting easily bored by music, but too distracted by Netflix. Podcasts are a perfect in between: satisfying my want for a bit of storytelling; but allowing a lil auditory satisfaction.
Here are a few I have been binging more recently, ranging across all topics and subjects. If you guys have any you recommend pls hmu, as I'm super excited by this new discovery of mine.

1.The High Low: pop culture

I've been following Pandora Skyes on Instagram for years, and I hold her high on my 'list' of girl-bosses and style icons. This podcast was the first I started listening to, and will always be my ultimate fav. The High Low addresses so many insightful topics, particularly media and pop culture based. It is the perfect balance of political and trivial, with a tight focus on whatever topic they mention.

2. My Dad Wrote A Porno: comedy

I do a lot of my art late at night when I'm cramming for deadlines, and this particular podcast has had me crying with laughter (no doubt probably waking my family up,)late at night.  It has been hugely popular so you've no doubt heard of it, but I'd seriously recommend for those moments you're in a bit of a funk.  Despite it's kinda disturbing title, it's a fab one for any of you literature heads too. In short a lot of the hilarity comes from his questionable writing skills, as well as the cringey subject.

3. Your Own Magic: lifestyle

This is a new one for me and was recommended by a friend. Although it can lose me a bit with it's airy fairy subject matters (I'm yet to jump on board the crystal trend and I'm still a bit wary to trust YouTube/ Instagram influencers), they frequently feature beautiful, inspiring people and the episode on Anxiety was particularly profound for me. There is also a secret Facebook community which is soo inspiring. I'm yet to post (as I'm still new) but people post about travelling, personal growth, wider issues etc and it's a lovely way to connect with others.

4. Getting Curious With Johnathan Van Ness: pop culture

If you're a fan of Queer Eye, you'll no doubt love Johnathan's own podcast. These are super short, at 30mins, so are super binge-able. I really love how genuinely interested Johnathan is in each topic, and it's lovely to learn a something new after each episode. I do however find that he skips easily past questions, and somethings I wish were elaborated on more; but thats a price you pay for a 30 min podcast eh.

Hope you've enjoyed this post and are having a fabulous week!

lexie x


  1. Ah thank u for sharing g!! I don't listen to podcasts but I have heard from so many ppl how good they are so maybe i should just jump on board?? Idk i feel like I wouldn't be able to listen to some thing but I do soo get you about being bored of music but too distracted or aware of how consuming Netflix is! <3

    1. They are soo good, would recommend! I know what you mean, I think if I was writing essays or having to do work that really uses my brain I wouldn't be able to lol.xoxo

  2. Thank you for the list! I've only got into listening to podcasts but I only listen to one called 'The Fringe of It', just because it was the only one on the front page of iTunes that didnt have annoying voices lol. I will check all of these out now!

    - Iona | asweetdestination.blogspot.com

  3. I am soo into podcasts, I listen to them on my daily commute!!
    Thanks for the new ones, will check them out!
    x Rubi
    Pose & Repeat

  4. Thanks for sharing girl! I've been searching for some good podcasts lately. Have a lovely Friday. xx



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