look one:  
Dress: Tobi 
Glassses: Primark (a nicer/similar pair)

look two:
Dress: Tobi
Shirt: Vintage (similar here)

Happy valentines day my lovers! 
I hope you are all well, I'm sorry every post I write seems to start with a "sorry it's been so long..." I have been uber busy with work (sorry no excuses I know) but I cant wait to share some of the stuff I've been working on recently.

I'm not so much into the commercialism behind valentines day, but I love the idea of a day celebrating those you love. I'm down visiting Archie this week at uni, and we decided to do something different to going for a meal. Neither of us had ever been for afternoon tea before so thought we'd give it ago at Patisserie Valerie, we literally made it halfway through and had to stop... 

These are two looks I quickly put together featuring some gorgeous red dresses; perfect for an evening meal. I particularly love the red low cut dress, with a pair of black strappy heels!

To all you lovely people happy v day!! Sending you good vibes through the screen xoxox

What's your opinion?

  1. Thanks for great post and pics. Such a beauty..

    Rosie | 2018 Most Wanted Chic Glasses

  2. That food looks so good, Happy Valentines Day

  3. Loving the photos!

    Sheena |

  4. Mmmm, those sweets!
    Happy Valentine's!

  5. Looks like you had a lovely day! I've never been for afternoon tea either, may be I should give it a try!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

    1. Thanks Lucy! You should so go, it was so much fun and soo yum aha xo

  6. Totally love this post! The pictures are unique :)

  7. Great post.

  8. love this dress, so pretty! hope you had a good v day bbe x

  9. Beautiful photos - and that food looks divine! I know what you mean - I've always sort of scoffed at V-Day but I do think the older I get, the more accepting of it I am, and I enjoy showering my guy with love and sweets!

  10. Lovely pictures! :)


  11. Having an afternoon tea kind of thing on Valentines with the one you love must be so relaxing :)
    Really love the dress, red look great on you!


thank you x