1: charity shop
2: primark
3: antique shop
4: H&M

Top: Tobi 
Headband: H&M  (same but in different colour)

Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had a good week, espec if you had a reading week/ half term! I went down to visit Archie as you know, and had the best time. The weather was gorgeous for the most part, so I had to buy some sunglasses (a spontaneous Primark buy, which I'm obsessed with..) I am trying to shop ethically as you know, but I have no money at the moment so a Primark buy it had to be:/ I know it's awful of me to be giving excuses too.. I also thought they were perfect celine dupes as I cannot afford the real deal #studentlife. 

Inpsired by these glasses, I thought I'd show you all my sunglasses collection, minus my all time fav Rayban's which I got for my birthday and couldn't find when I was taking photos lol. The top pair are my 90s/ YK2 sunglasses I purchased for £2 from a charity shop with the intention of selling on depop, but love them too much to part with. They're the perfect sunglasses for festivals, and I can't wait to debut them this summer.  The pink cat eye sunglasses I brought from an antique shop in Brighton on one of Archie and I's first dates, they're very special to me and mann do they look killer on. 
Finally, the rose tinted H&M specs were purchased before I got my Rayban's. I think they are so funky, but I neverr know what to wear them with! I also mega hate the metal nose thing as it gets stuck in my hair:///, does anyone else find this?? 

I watched The Edge of Love recently on Netflix, with Sienna Miller in (ultimate girl crushh) and loved it. Theres a scene where shes on the beach wearing these amazing sunglasses, and I'm so on the hunt for some look a likes atm. 
I meann, so cool. 
I hope you're all doing well, I'm sorry I've been so inactive recently. This post has really sparked something in me though, and reminded me of how fun taking outfit photos is! So expect some more from mee.

-lexie x 


  1. I'm in need of some new sunnies so I adored this post!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  2. Love the photos! And these sunnies are so rad!
    Happy Monday, babe!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  3. Every time you do an outfit post I wanna cry because you a) look insane, b) take such insane photos and c) wear such cool clothes. Ugh lol jealous. I really do need to expand my sunglasses collection, I had one pair that I adored that I sat on when I was on holiday last year (lol rip) so definitely need to buy some more–but I 100% agree with the annoying metal bits in the hair (the worst!). Loving your recent posts and glad you had a nice week off!!xx

    1. Ah thank you my love! Omg I literally do that to so many sunglasses, it is a sad fate hence why I never tend to invest in pricier pairs ahaha. That means so much, as I have not been feeling blogging so much recently:/ xox

  4. Ah I remember this Ray Ban pairs- super jealous over them. The problem with sunglasses for me is that I would need to get them with prescription lenses (otherwise I won't see shit: basically I'll be blind in the dark lol) so it really sucks. I really love the pair from Primark although I would love to invest in a pair of more expensive sunglasses and probably wear contacts with them too. amazing photos, as per. Hope you're doing well!

    Dalal <3 // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

  5. I love them but am so scared to break them... Ah yeah I remember you saying:/ so annoying. I always think people with expensive sunglasses have their shit together in life (besides myself lol) lots of love b xo

  6. such a cool outfit lex love the photos!! always envious of your sunglasses collection! xx

  7. I adore this look// I love how the jeans keep it comfy but the top is so chic & cool & the glasses just elevate the whole look <3 please teach me to be pretty like you n co-ordinate <3

  8. Haha cannot afford the real deal, #studentlife, I like that word :)
    Such a good sunglasses collection by the way, love the Tobi top too!



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