consume less create more

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It's nearing the end of February and man have I still got the bloody January blues; it feels like it never ends.

I've been finding it so difficult to do anything in the means of self care and exercise recently. I keep finding excuses for myself saying, I'll do more yoga (I did really injure my wrists from yoga by not training them enough before certain poses, so I had to take like a month long hiatus which has mega thrown me off track) when I've finished this art, I'll read after I've finished this episode. The difficulty is this mentality stretches to everything in my life. I find a way to avoid doing what I know whats best for me, or what I want to do; from just feeling uninspired.
For my last art topic my whole theme was about consumerism and how less is more; yet I so frequently find myself giving into this way of life- out of ease I believe. I'm a rather appreciative person, and I value qualities and traits in other people so much, yet I'm neglecting to appreciate myself. I guess I'm just feeling very self conscious at the moment, and constant comparison to others is just not healthy. I want what I can't have, much like so many other people; but I should be looking after what I do have.

At the moment I'm just trying to work on getting back into the swing of things, to consume less and create more (I view this as such a crucial guideline to life, you'll never find originality by consuming and copying others work... to an extent ofc) and to just love what I have.

Over consumption and comparison isn't good but I meann: tumblr and pinterest are fun:// Just gotta find that balance I guess.

Another bump in the road but I'm happy besides that, I'm just longing for warmer and longer days.
love, lexie x


  1. Finding a balance between being inspired and copying others is so hard - one is fuel the other is a creative dead end! I'm with you sista x


  2. I remember having that second photo as my laptop background for the longest time, I love the photo! Well to be honest all of these photos are a big mood and the aesthetics are spot on. I feel like February is an extension of January, it's only 28 days so it doesn't really feel like a whole month in itself anyway- I do hate how fast time is passing though, it's so unnerving. Yoga with Adrienne's practice for mental focus and concentration is my favourite thing ever, it sucks that you've injured yourself. Hope everything is going well and I'm looking forward to seeing you soon (wooo)

    with love,
    Dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

  3. I feel that longing for longer, warmer days–lying in the sun reading, sitting outside in the evenings, wearing just a single layer of clothing (imagine!) but it'll come. Consume less, create more is a very interesting concept, a few weeks back I was going through a crisis and, I think kind of similar to how you are feeling now, hated every part of myself, from aesthetics to personality. In my head, the only possible solution was to buy hoards of clothes because then I'll at least look good. I suppose there is some minute truth that I will inevitably feel better about myself if I like the outfit I am wearing but never as good as I'd feel if I wrote or blogged or sewed or created in some other form, all the things that I neglected. It does something for the soul. I'm really getting into yoga too, I tried to do the 30 day yoga but went more ad lib and just chose my own practices to do, I don't do it every day but its becoming a more regular part of my routine. Doesn't it make you feel better? I hope this bump in the road isn't too tricky to overcome, better days are coming. Lots of love xx

  4. omg I can relate to this so so much. These past two months have been awful tbh. I'm so susceptible to feelings like this - over indulgence or neglecting things I should prioritise in order to feel 'good' under the guise of self-care. It sucks. I've been battling a lot recently with 'wanting more'. I can never be satisfied until I get this one coat, or pair of trousers, or pair of shoes. It's so unhealthy because it's training my brain to believe that I don't have enough material things, when in fact, compared to people who are genuinely deprived of the luxury of purchasing clothes on a reasonably regular basis, I have more than enough. Capitalism honestly feels like a sickness, lol. Here's to getting out of these blues!!! <3 <3 <3

  5. This is such a wonderful post! I love the motto of consuming less and creating more! I definitely need to start being more conscious about that in my life! Thanks for sharing!


  6. Felt I could relate soooo much to these exact feelings! I just fall into a sort of slump and have to wait until a better mindset comes back. I'm exactly like you and spend my days consuming things but not in a useful way. I think when I'm consuming things with the purpose in my head to create from the consumption, like watching films and then reviewing them, or watching a show with a critical eye, I feel less guilty about it. Love the way you linked your art theme of consumerism to this feeling. I'm so susceptible to filling the void in myself with clothes and make up and just buying to supplant a lack of emotion if that makes any sense?
    Anyway, love the way you write, it feels so thoughtful and relatable!

  7. Wow, this post resonates with me so much. I have such trouble not comparing myself to people, especially people my own age that appear to be prospering on social media. I've also been stuck in a creative rut for several years which, as a creative person, has been horrible. I can't seem to form many coherent thoughts, so writing is a struggle for me. I think that going to school has actually helped me get back into writing since the essays that I'm writing are on topics that interest me. I wish you all the best, and I hope that these feelings pass.



thank you x