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Hola mis amigos, how are you all!! So it wasn't a great start to my whole 'blog more' new years resolution, I kept trying but I've so not been feeling lately. College has baso dropped down to like a day a week now, which is a bit of a joke so we're all complaining. All I seem to do in my spare time is watch friends and sleep; I guess theres nothing wrong with that and I'm fulling embracing the January blues.
I have finally saved up enough dolla for my summer travels now! All I have left to do is book it all up. My friends and I are also in the midst of planning what festival to go to this summer, I would greatly appreciate any recommendations. Are you guys heading to any this summer?

I'm beyond excited for summer and this year now, I miss sitting in the garden till late and swimming in the sea. I don't want to over plan or put pressure on myself to do too much either, but there is so much to look forward to. On another note I got my first tattoo on monday!!! It hurt soosoo much, but I love it. People keep asking me what it means but I have no meaning for it, I hope that'll come with time.


Despite all my lulling about, I have managed to film a room tour of my new and improved room!! I love redecorating my room and this was well over due.

I'm sorry this was such a short and choppy post and update, I will post again on monday something with a lil more substance.

love you all,
lexie xx


  1. wow your room is BEAUTIFUL! I love the Persian type rug! The tattoo is so lovely too, I was considering whether 2018 would be the year I get my first tat, but I still don't know! x x

    1. Thanks babee! Oooh I vote in favour of that, let 2018 be the year of new experiences xx

  2. I love your room and that photo it's so cool! Don't worry, I do the same in my spare time- I get frustrated at my lack of motivation but what can ya do! Your tattoo is really cool by the way, and where are your earrings from in your video? I really want to redecorate my room now but I literally can't, my mum decorated pretty much my entire room when I swapped with my sister and it's not really my taste at all but I only have myself to blame because I told my mum I didn't care how it looked (but she would ask my opinion on things during the midst of revision so really how my room looked was the least of my concerns!). I love your plants and the fairy lights. Love it all, super groovy and good layout like it looks so light and airy. (if a room can be described as airy I don't know)x

    1. Ahaha, glad it's not just me! Thanks gal, and my earrings are from depop, I literally live in them! Oh mann thats so annoying, I guess it wont be too long before you're out of there though? xxx

  3. Your room is so cute, actually meant to be redecorating my room soon so this gave me some ideas. Loved it!

    Lucy Jane | Infinity of Fashion

  4. Cutest room! I love the colors!
    -Kate // www.classyandkate.com

  5. Ohh I love your tattoo! Very cute!
    xoxo, Emily | www.East91blog.com

  6. Love watching room tours, they're probably my fave type of youtube video :)

    Beauty & Colour | Vegan Lifestyle Blog

  7. I love your room!!

  8. I totally love this post. Your blog looks amazing, I'm definitely staying here :)


  9. I will always be around to read your blog Lexie (even if I do comment really late after the post has gone up). I love your room, especially a fan of the clothes rack! x


  10. Wow its a beautiful room! I wish i had interest in making it so nice and cozy ahhaha. Mine is so bland and such a mess.

  11. I love how you manage the things and make the room look so comfy!
    I think I have to make over my room too haha x



thank you x