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some of my beautiful family

Archie said standing in the pot would be a good idea.

Hi guys, I'm copying Dalal and doing the "What I've Been" post, because it's just a nice way to fill you in with what I've been up to. 

what i've been doing-
This week was half term so I went to visit my boyfriend Archie and my bestie Tasha at uni. I had a wonderful week and it was a well needed break and escape. It's safe to say I've been feeling a lil down recently and I can't pin point it to anything in particular so I'm just riding it out. Home is getting a bit lonely now I honestly spend my weekends cooped up in my room or working. It is also so hard to organise meeting up with those friends I have left here, everyone is busy with their own lives. As sad as it is, we're no longer a part of each others everyday and I can feel myself drifting away from friends I love deeply. Katie and Libby have talked about it, but it is so hard dealing with the inevitably of losing friends. Whilst I am beyond happy to have left my Sixth Form and a lot of the people there, I hadn't expected this for some reason?
I am loving my art foundation though, and I've met some truly amazing people who I cannot wait to spend a year with. I've had a lot of book work to do too, which I probably should be doing now lol.

what i've been reading/watching-
I've finally finished to Kill A Mockingbird so I've moved onto The Book Thief. I'm currently trying to blitz through classics which I haven't read. I've just started the second Stranger Things, and I'm loving it oh my gawdd. Oh and Gilmore Girls and Riverdale; who said you can't watch three series at once?

what i've been listening to-
I have been loving Rina Sawayama atm and her songs about life in the digital era, she's so beautiful too I am girl crushing. I'm seeing Mac Demarco soon too, so I've been listening to a few of his trackz.

what i want-
Is there anything I don't want?? I'm dying for like a fur coat of some sort. I kinda want a leopard print one but I also cant afford to spend £70 on a coat.. I brought the coat/jacket left yesterday from a charity shop for £2.45, but I'm still pining for some faux fur. I'm also desperate to try the new Glossier makeup! All my makeup is slowly running out, so it's safe to say Glossier will be on my Christmas list this year.

what i've been anticipating-
I'm looking forward to Christmas so much; I cant wait to see all my family again together. My boyfriend and I are currently planning a month away next year, which I am beyond excited for. I'm working so much at the moment it's the only thing getting me through the 1am finishes.

How have you all been? x x


  1. As always, the pics are perfect and your week away sounds well deserved. I've found going to visit people actually makes the feelings of loneliness worse, because you come home and realise they aren't with you. But, as with you, I'm trying to ride it out. I'm glad your art foundation is going well-your work looks super cool!!! I went to a vintage sale last week and thought of you (lame lol) because you always find such amazing things!!!
    your month away sounds awesome, where are you thinking of going? look after yourself gurl, we're in it together xxx

    1. I totally agree with you on that one, feels strange coming back without them. Awh thank you Katie, means a lot! And we're kinda thinking of Indonesia, Vietnam and maybe Japan eek, will see about prices though aha. Lots of love xxx

  2. thanks so much for visiting,come back soon!! glad youre lovin art foundation x

  3. woooo new blog post! love it when people recreate this post because it's genuinely so interesting to see what's going on in people's lives (or maybe i'm just nosy lol) plus, it really does make a good filler post ;) If you ever feel a bit shit then please come to london and we can do something cool again- I need a break from sixth form. I'm planning my interrail trip and that's the only thing motivating me, the thought of travelling around europe in the summer...is that sad? i really want to start Stranger Things but I'm not too sure that's the best idea lol


    Dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

    1. Ahaha I love this kinda post too! Thank you b it means so much to hear you say that, I'm hoping to come up again soon. Noo not sad at all! It's so exciting, I literally can't wait for the instagrams already;) Ahah I made that mistake with Narco's.. maybe wait till after exams lol xxxx

  4. lovely post!! Totes get what you mean about the weirdness/sadness of drifting apart from friends. I feel it happening w/ my best friend but then again we've got such a bond that it doesn't even matter? But in some ways that makes it worse? It's weird. Especially when you compare it to all of the people you're meeting at uni and coming to terms with the fact that THEY'RE gonna have to be the new "life-long" friends you make. Oooo, have fun seeing Mac!! My friend was persuading me to go but I couldn't make it/be bothered to buy tix? I'm so weird about how I spend my money these days, I dont really know what im doing lmao. Also, love the coat! And yasss, sounds like some awesome plans ahead, which will be made worth it with them 1am finishes! Good luck w/ everything b! xxxxx

    1. Thats exactly the same with me and my bff! It's a weird phase and it's horrible to think of loosing such close friends. Omg noo you should defo go!! I know what you mean about money, mine just goes on the weirdest stuff and it goes so fast:(( You too gal!! xxxxx

  5. Losing friends is actually one thing I'm so worried about after leaving sixth form. I actually stayed best friends with the same 2 people since the start of high school to year 12 (now) so the fact I will probably not see those people every single day in 1/2 years time absolutely terrifies me.
    Aleeha xXx


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