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Happy mondayyy! Todays Monday post isn't a thoughts post unfortunately (theres one coming on Wednesday hopefully) , but a Youtube video. I had this filmed for a while, so thought I should just upload and get it out there. I honestly don't love the video, but I don't want to just have it and no one to share it with so here you guys go. I also say "really lovely" about 100x, and I forgot to edit out some of the audio on the cutaways. 

I guess imperfections make us though, at least thats what I am telling myself.

I've had a pretty chill Monday today, I recently got a new job working in a bar, so this weekend has been pretty hectic. Yesterday, I started my cafe job from 9.30 to 4.30, then went from there to the bar job for 5 till 11. So it was a longgg day, needless to say my legs hurt today. I'm trying to save for a million things at the moment after summer positively rinsed my bank account. 
Anyway, hows your day been? 

Enjoy the video,
lexie x 


  1. Looking fab grrrl, can't wait to see the vid when i have time! And omgg I swear everywhere I turn all I hear is people working or getting jobs and lol it's stressing me out because i truly believe it's a sign that I need.to.get.a.job. It's confirmed now - im going job searching in town this weekend!! Done! I've never ever had a proper job before though, I've always been so fascinated at how people just find work lol. Any tips? x x x

    1. thanks bbe!! Ah I literally felt the same, all my friends had such well paying jobs and I was there with my £5 an hour job lol. You can do it, it's actually such a nice way to make new pals too. Literally just blitz your CV and you'll find something 100%, apply for everything going. Good luck gall xxx

  2. watched it and dropped a like of course. I need to go to the charity shop more often, I need a pair of high waist, straight leg trousers and a long coat like the black one you showed. loved ittt

    dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

    1. Thanks b! You'll have to come and visit soooon, the charity shops near me are killer!! x x

  3. I love the clothes!! Also your hair is amazing!! I'm so jealous I can't wait to go on a big spending spree I'm just waiting for a day off so I can go into Brick Lane . I can't believe you're working two jobs- you must be constantly exhausted!x

  4. Gotta love a haul! Your voice is so relaxing by the way... very random comment haha!
    Aleeha xXx


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