thoughts #3: happiness

I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery- air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "this is what it is to be happy." - Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

I'm yet to read The Bell Jar, but it is on my reading list. I just thought this was a beautiful quote.

Hiya! Happy Monday once again. I'm trying to post these "thoughts" posts every Monday, I'm happy with how I'm doing so far! Hopefully I can keep it up lol.

I am happy. It has taken a while for me to be able to say this with conviction, but it is a phrase that I haven't heard for a while; from my lips or from those around me.
I have finally reached a point in my life in which I am content in myself. I no longer feel insecure, I feel whole. I have struggled with my mental wellbeing for the past couple of years, and it has pained me that I've kept it from you all. It has been something I have felt ashamed of and something I have felt inadequate about. I ultimately refused to accept that anything was wrong with me.

It has been such a long journey in seeking the definition of happiness in my life; I wont bore you with the details of my solitude though. I finally find myself appreciating my surroundings rather than wishing I was somewhere else. It is a mindset I certainly do not take for granted.

I do however, find myself waiting for something bad to happen. I feel as though things come in waves, and although everything is a lesson we need lows to appreciate the highs.

I cant stress enough how important it is to look after yourself all the time! Don't let life get in the way of your wellbeing. I wanted to write a teeny self help guide for all of you who may need it, or for those of you that want to try something new. I'm the laziest person I know but these are things I have managed to do so anything is possible!!

1) Play music only sometimes when you walk; it's so lovely to listen to your surroundings for a change.

2) Listen to good music! Music has such an affect on our moods and feelings, I've switched sad Bon Iver (as much as I love him) for some tunes with a bit of a beat to them.
 I love Sticky Fingers atm

3) Drink ginger and lemon tea, it feels like it heals.

4) Bathe.

5) Have a tidy living space, if my room is messy I feel messy. I am such a firm believer in tidy room, tidy mind.

6) Don't drink every time you go out.. Lol this is such a hard one for me bc I lovee getting boozy, but I'm trying to stop (so much) for my body and my bank balance. It's nice to remember hanging out with your pals for a change.

7) Go to sleep early and get up early. Having a good bedtime routine finally after A-levels messed it up, honestly makes me 100x more productive and I don't get as weird dreams anymore which is a blessing.

8) Plan things to look forward to; may it be a holiday, a concert it's nice to have things booked in the calendar.

9) Listen to conversation fully. I find so frequently I just wait for my turn to speak in conversation, we are all guilty of it. Listen to your friends, listen to how their voices change as they get excited  or scared about something. I love seeing and listening to the etiquette of conversation and how it changes and flows.

10) Say I love you more to people. This year has been hard on everyone around me. It's so important to remind those around you that you value them and that you love them.

On that note, I wish you all the best week. I love you all,


  1. The Bell Jar is actually on my reading list too! :)

    Angelie // Beaute Spell Lip and Cheek Tint Review

  2. Love this post (also I agree about the lemon tea but I'm more of a feeler than green and lemon tea heals me) and I'm glad to hear you can say it with conviction :)x

    1. ooh yes green and lemon tea is amazee. ty Libby x xx

  3. knowing that your happy makes me happy <33 love your writing lex x

  4. I'm super glad that you're feeling happy. Don't be worried about something bad happening, happiness isn't a destination and accepting that it'll come and go is fab, but also kind of difficult (but remember that having found it now, you'll be able to find it again). That self-help guide was just what I needed, being kind to oneself is theeee most important thing. Also, don't punish yourself for keeping the bad times hidden, somethings feel to personal but know that writing is a totally therapeutic outlet!!!!
    love this post x

    1. Katie you have such wise words I lovee that. 100% agreed it's so important to stay positive about oneself, we are our worst critics!! x x

  5. This makes me so happy. Proud of and happy for you!! It's so hard to get out of a negative mindset, and sometimes even harder to believe in yourself that you ARE content. For me, it comes in flashes - but it is the most magnificent feeling ever - the balance and contentment. Here's to more positivity and light g!! x x x x

    1. Ty Zoe, sending luv!!! It is soo hard, but so worth it in the end to push through the negativity. xxx

  6. Glad you're feeling better and happy! Loving these suggestions too, going to sleep early and getting up early is something I've recently been doing and it's helping soo much! <3


thank you x