thoughts #2: ramblings

Happy Monday people! I hope your week went well.
It's been a tough week for many of my friends and I as the inevitable has come and they are headed to uni. Whilst I'm doing an art course this year, I can't help but feel as though I am missing out on adventures my friends are undertaking. It feels like a whole world I'm missing out on; a whole step. Talk about fomo.
Regardless, my week of college was interesting. We went on a few trips and did some 'exploration' and 'reflection' lol. I am enjoying it a lot more than my first day. I've made some amazing friends of whom I have a lot in common with which is so nice. It's also so nice to be at home. I know I slate it all the time, but I am so not ready to leave yet. I need to collect myself together, to feel ready. I don't want the half-hearted move to uni- when I leave home; I want to leave home. I want to purge my belongings and leave for a bit. 
I feel like it's all or nothing and at the moment I am far too immature. Whilst I cannot wait to go travelling and to see the world, for the time being I am more than happy listening to stories of friends who have been and reading blogs about adventures. 

I have Mondays off college, and I have had the most boring day. I spend it supermarket hopping with my mum and sorting out my mac and putting photos on a hard drive. I was planning on filming a Youtube video today too, but I am finding myself with no motivation at the moment and very little time. How do people have time for everything? I would love to do Youtube but I struggle so hard with imagination behind videos. I find blogging to be versatile, but when I'm on camera my words don't come out or I'm too self conscious.
 I also feel it to be cheating if I ask you for video requests.

I recently re-watched the 2014 BBC Kate Bush documentary, and I've fallen in love again with her. I hold her to be a huge woman crush of mine; I love how she keeps her private life private, very rarely appearing in the spotlight. Her creative endeavours are always so unique and I adore her voice. 
You can watch the documentary below: 

the beaut kate bush as a child 
When Tash and I went to London, we went to the the Pink Floyd exhibition and it was incredible. There is something about that period of British music that is soo influential and important. I particularly admire Kate Bush for coming along, albeit it a bit later in the 80s, for her position as a woman in the industry. She gave a voice to a female stories, and the vulnerabilities women and men face. (See Army Dreamers and Hounds of Love.)

I hope you enjoyed this rambly post and if you do have any video requests...!
lexie x


  1. It's actually my first year of college and jeeezzz, it is so much harder than high school.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. Love this post, I'm so jealous you're going to art school (my parents said no hmph) and even thought it may feel like you're mising out I'm sure it will be great exploring your passion
    Feel free to check out my latest post x

    1. No way, that sucks:(( Thank you, it defo will be worth waiting around x x

  3. Hey Lexie, first of all thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and I wanted to say that I really like yours too! And it's funny because I currently want to go further into fashion photography - like not the ootd kinda fashion photography but more like a indie kinda photography (idk how to describe it) and when I was looking at the photos of you I thought that your style would really fit into that but then I read that you're from the UK, so not really that close and I was so sad, haha. But anyways, I get the feeling of being left out - my friends all have been studying something science related for a year now and I'm just about to start a design major in uni after taking a gap year, but I'm sure you'll be alirght as soon as you settle in your new life! :)

    1. Ah thank you gal! I know it's so annoying as I feel we could so do some shoots; if you're ever in the uk let me know. That's exactly the same with my friends and I; hardly any of them are doing something art related! x

  4. YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN- it's fab!!!! supermarket hopping on a monday sounds much more appealing than sitting through biology and spanish lessons when all you want is your bed. I get what you mean about moving out but wanting it to be the "real deal"- as dramatic as it may sound, I empathise with you.

    dalal x

    1. Thanks my love! I cant wait to move out aha x x

  5. your photos are beautiful!! your blog design is beautiful also, and ah I adore Kate Bush x

  6. as always, beaut photos, I love these rambly posts so much. Definitely got the fomo vibes, even deleted all my social media over the weekend so I didnt have to look at them all having fun (oh lord, how dramatic). College sounds really really great, such a fab way to use your year! I resonate with the 'loving being at home' thing, definitely not ready to leave the total comfort but nice to know that, when next year roles around, I think I will be.
    Have a fab week x

    1. Ah I wish I did that/ deleted snapchat at the leasttt, had serious fomo over the weekend!! Yes defo, next year we'll be fine x x


thank you x