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I don't blog about makeup. I searched 'makeup' in my blog to see what would come up and lets just sayy, not a lot did come up. I'm not a massive makeup wearer myself, but I can most certainly appreciate it as an art. I recently stumbled across Violet Grey, a French makeup artist who has started doing the most beautiful YouTube tutorials, filming all over Paris.
Her videos are beautifully shot and I love how simplistic and natural the makeup looks are.
Inspired, I thought I would show you what I put on my face on the daily...

Step one: I tend to start by washing my face with this 'pure' fash wash, ngl it's my mums and we share so I have noo idea where it's from. 
step two: I then go in with a moisturiser. I have been loving this Skin Drink one by Lush it makes my face soo soft, but I've just finished it so have been using this Boots one lol.. it cost £1.99 all about that student life.

On my face:
I typically start my routine with a concealer from No7 makeup. It's actually one of those brush ones for under eye bags, but it works perfectly on all me spots. Then I either use my No7 foundation in colour match. This stuff is bloody amazing, it goes on orange THEN MATCHES EXACTLY TO MY SKIN COLOUR. Cannot praise it enough. 
After this, I go and bronze my face with my NYX bronzer. I've been trying to be as cruelty free with my makeup and lemme tell you NYX is the one. I then go in with this rlly beautiful highlight from Topshop (the photo doesn't do it justice.) It's this iridescent colour that changes in the light, its amazingg. It also looks good on any skin tone, all my friends are always borrowing it. I've also been using a pinky Smashbox blusher to highlight my cheekbones recently too. 

Once I'm finished with the 'base' of my face, I brush through my brows with a spool and if they're lucky fill them in. I then do my eyeliner and put some  of my lush mascara on. I recently got LVL lash treatment done on my eyelashes and it is a game changer. They basically perm your lashes into place and it lasts ages, so technically I don't need mascara but when I do it looks like I'm wearing fake eyelashes. It cost me £40 (ouch), and I'm actually getting a second treatment tomorrow, but it was worth it and I feel fabulouss dahrrlingg.
If you know me, you know I wear red lipstick on the daily. I rarely leave the house without it on. My go to was this Topshop red lip marker, but now I've moved onto the NYX matte lip cream in Copenhagen. The red berry colour is perfect for autumn/winter. 

 I hope you enjoyed this slightly different post. I'm so done with makeup now, was so hard to write gawdd. I seriously praise the makeup bloggers for their persistence and skill. 
-Lexie x



  1. Ooh, i've not heard of Violet, I'll have to check her videos out!
    Aleeha xXx

  2. ah beautiful makeup! I love your blog its beautiful x


  3. I liked this post, I'm very curious to read what make up wears the other people, but I can't stand long hauls with lots of products that I don't understand it's use hahahah
    You had explained very well, and you look so pretty (:

    1. Thank you Cilia, me too. I'm not a hugee makeup haul fan aha xx

  4. I love this, you look absolutely gorgeous! I definitely need to minimise the amount of things I put on my face because my makeup routine takes waaayyy too long!

    xx Mara

  5. You've got such a lovely collection! I like the simplicity of it all, and how effective it is as a result! I never wear make up. I have yet to find make up that actually enhances my face in some way - literally nothing suits my face! I've come to just accept my face make-up-less, but I'm so envious of people who can make it work because it's fun and looks so good! But yeah lol. Also I'm picky and indulgent enough when it comes to clothes and food, I would be broke 24/7 if I spent money on make up too!

  6. makeup posts drain me. "so then I use this bronzer which I like because it's not to dark and then after I use my favourite mascara..." i find it SO DULL. My makeup routine is literally brow gel, mascara, lip gloss and then I use my fav red lipstick (seventeen 'roses are red' as a blush because I love looking like I've just been sunburnt :)))

    Dalal // monochromedaisies.blogspot.com

  7. Gal I gotta try that eyelash treatment, you look amazing! x



thank you x